Shooter ‘Neutralized’ Outside Wisconsin School, No Injuries Reported

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin – Police in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, neutralized an active shooter outside a middle school, preventing any injuries to students or staff members. The incident, which took place late Wednesday morning, resulted in the fatal shooting of an armed student by law enforcement officers.

According to State Attorney General Josh Kaul, the armed boy was a student in the Mount Horeb School District. Authorities responded to reports of an individual with a weapon outside the school and used deadly force to eliminate the threat. Following the incident, Kaul reassured the public that there was no ongoing threat to public safety, although the investigation is still ongoing.

The shooting, which occurred about 20 miles west of Madison, prompted swift action from law enforcement and school officials. The Mount Horeb Area School District Superintendent, Dr. Steve Salerno, confirmed that the threat had been neutralized outside the building, and officers were ensuring the safety of all students inside.

In the aftermath of the shooting, the Wisconsin Department of Justice assumed control of the investigation, with additional support from the Office of School Safety. State Attorney General Kaul emphasized that the safety of students and school staff remained the top priority, thanking the community for their patience and support during the process.

As the Mount Horeb School District grappled with the aftermath of the tragedy, Superintendent Salerno urged parents and caregivers to create a safe environment for children to express their feelings and limit exposure to media coverage of the event. The district planned to engage with parents and the community to address any concerns about school safety in the wake of the incident.

Despite the somber events of the day, Salerno expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support from the community and highlighted the importance of school violence prevention as a shared responsibility. The district remained committed to providing a supportive environment for students and staff, aiming to resume normal operations as soon as possible.

In conclusion, the Mount Horeb School District was set to open its doors to students and staff members needing support on the following day, with plans to assess the situation and make decisions about returning to normalcy. The community rallied together in the face of tragedy, demonstrating resilience and solidarity in the wake of a potentially devastating event.