Soldiers Ido Aviv and Kalkidan Mahari HyD Killed in Central Gaza Explosion: IDF Announces Loss

Jerusalem, Israel – The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed the tragic deaths of two reservists in the central Gaza Strip following intense fighting on Monday. The two soldiers were identified as Master Sgt. Ido Aviv, 28, and Master Sgt. Kalkidan Mahari, 37.

Aviv, a surfing instructor residing in Kiryat Bialik, was described by friends as someone full of love for life. Known for teaching surfing to hundreds of local children, Aviv’s parents made the compassionate decision to donate his organs for medical purposes.

Mahari, originally from Petah Tikva, immigrated to Israel as a lone soldier to serve in the IDF. His family expressed shock at his deployment to Gaza, as he had recently completed a five-month reserve duty on the northern border. Described as an amazing man who loved his country, Mahari was cherished by his family for his humility and respect for others.

The deaths of Aviv and Mahari bring the total number of IDF troops killed in the ongoing ground offensive against Hamas to 263. The soldiers were fatally wounded in an explosion during a battle with gunmen in the Netzarim Corridor area. Another soldier from the same battalion suffered serious injuries in the incident.

An initial IDF investigation is underway to determine the cause of the explosion, shedding light on the dangerous conditions faced by soldiers operating in the region. The loss of these two brave servicemen underscores the high stakes and sacrifices made by IDF personnel in the defense of Israel.

As the IDF continues its operations in the Gaza Strip, the nation mourns the loss of Aviv and Mahari, honoring their dedication and service to their country. Updates on the investigation and any further developments will be forthcoming as the situation unfolds.