**Stockton** May Day Shooting Claims Life of 19-Year-Old: Family Identifies Victim

Stockton, Alabama – Tragedy struck a May Day celebration in Stockton on Saturday night as a shooting claimed the lives of three individuals. Among the victims was 19-year-old Micheal Anderson Jr., as confirmed by family members. The incident also left 15 others injured, marking a devastating turn in what was supposed to be a festive and community-building event.

Eyewitnesses described the annual May Day celebration in Stockton, which has been a unifying tradition since 1970, as a gathering that typically brings the community together. This year, organizers had taken precautions to ensure extra security measures were in place, anticipating a larger crowd for the event. However, the festive atmosphere was shattered when an altercation escalated into gunfire, with at least one individual opening fire on the crowd of over a thousand attendees.

The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office reported that the shooting may have involved multiple shooters, leading to chaos and panic as bullets flew in every direction. Witnesses recounted the harrowing experience of people dropping to the ground to avoid the gunfire, highlighting the abrupt shift from celebration to tragedy in a matter of moments. Despite the swift response from emergency services, no arrests have been made in connection to the shooting.

Community members expressed shock and dismay over the violence that disrupted what had been a longstanding and cherished tradition in Stockton. The sense of loss and sorrow was palpable, with one witness lamenting the impact of the shooting on mothers who had anticipated a joyous celebration but were instead left grieving and heartbroken. Calls for justice and accountability reverberated through the community, as residents grappled with the aftermath of the senseless act of violence.

As authorities continue their investigation into the shooting and work to apprehend those responsible, the Stockton community remains in mourning, coming to terms with the tragic turn of events that marred a once-celebrated occasion. The search for answers and the quest for justice are ongoing as residents seek closure and healing in the wake of the devastating incident that has left a lasting impact on the community.