Student Shot by Police Outside Wisconsin Middle School, No Ongoing Threat to Public Safety

MOUNT HOREB, Wis. – Authorities responded to a report of a person with a weapon outside Mount Horeb Middle School, prompting the school to go into lockdown and initiating a swift police response. The incident resulted in the fatal shooting of the individual by Mount Horeb police, who later confirmed that the subject was a student within the school district and a minor. Reports indicate that the student was a 14-year-old. Fortunately, the armed student never managed to enter the school premises and was confronted and shot outside the building.

There were no reports of physical injuries to anyone else involved, and the situation was described as a nightmare for any parent, as expressed by Attorney General Josh Kaul. While assuring the public that there is no lingering threat to safety, law enforcement investigations are ongoing to gather more information about the incident. In accordance with standard protocol, some Mount Horeb police officers involved in the altercation have been placed on leave after using force, and it was noted that they were wearing body cameras during the encounter.

Families slowly reunited with their children as they were released from the school premises around 5 p.m. on Wednesday, expressing gratitude and relief for their children’s safety. A parent, Ali Peterson, with multiple children attending Mount Horeb schools, commended the swift actions taken to prevent a potentially catastrophic event from unfolding. School District Superintendent Dr. Steve Salerno announced that classes would be canceled on Thursday but affirmed that the schools would remain accessible for support services, with hopes of resuming normal operations on Friday.

The community in Mount Horeb remains shaken by the events at the middle school, prompting a collective effort to provide assistance and comfort to those affected. Authorities continue to urge calm and patience as the investigation progresses, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the well-being and safety of all students and staff. As the town grapples with the aftermath of the incident, support and unity are essential in moving towards healing and recovery.