Surfers’ End: Bodies of Missing Trio Found in Baja California

Ensenada, Mexico – A burnt-out white pickup truck found at a ranch in Santo Tomas has been identified as the vehicle belonging to two Australian surfers and an American man who went missing. Mexican authorities confirmed on Sunday that three bodies discovered in Baja California were most likely those of the missing surfers.

State Attorney General Maria Elena Andrade revealed that a forensic investigation determined the bodies had gunshot wounds to the head, indicating they were likely the American Jack Carter Rhoad and Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson. The trio had disappeared while on a surfing and camping trip near Ensenada, approximately 60 miles south of Tijuana, on April 29.

Although it is highly probable that the bodies belong to the three surfers, families are still in the process of confirming their identities. Relatives of the missing individuals arrived in Tijuana to examine the corpses on Sunday afternoon. Authorities anticipate completing the identification process shortly.

The bodies were located on a cliff south of the Ensenada municipality, a few miles from where the burned-out pickup truck was found. Three Mexican citizens initially questioned in connection with the case have since been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping. A local police source disclosed that the men’s vehicle was discovered burnt out around 40 miles from where the bodies were located.

The investigation into the disappearance and subsequent deaths of the surfers continues, with law enforcement working to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the tragic incident. Public interest and concern have been heightened by the mysterious and tragic nature of the case, prompting a concerted effort to seek justice for the victims and their families.