Suspect in Mother’s Murder Found in Mississippi Jail

Webster, Texas – Authorities have identified a suspect in the tragic murder of a woman in Webster, Texas. Marcus Jamar Thompson, 29, currently in custody in Warren County, Mississippi, has been named as a suspect in the killing of his mother, Gayle Thompson, 58, whose lifeless body was discovered in her apartment on Monday.

Gayle Thompson was found beaten and stabbed at her residence, triggering concern after she failed to report for work at Stewart Elementary in Hitchcock ISD. A neighbor reported a disturbance the day before, recalling a loud noise and witnessing Marcus leaving the scene in his mother’s car.

Thompson, who was recently released from prison after a two-year sentence for aggravated assault, was located in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Court records indicate that he had made threats against his father’s life. The suspect is currently awaiting extradition to Texas, with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office assisting in the investigation.

The heartbreaking loss of Gayle Thompson has deeply impacted the Hitchcock ISD community, as Superintendent Travis W. Edwards shared a heartfelt message expressing the positive influence she had on students, staff, and families during her time as an inclusion aide in the district.

Mrs. Thompson’s colleagues and students are being offered counseling support to cope with the grief and to remember her fondly. Described as kind, dedicated, and compassionate, her legacy of generosity and joy continues to inspire those who knew her.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are working diligently to bring justice for Gayle Thompson and her loved ones. The impact of this tragedy has reverberated throughout the community, as they come to terms with the loss of a beloved member of the school district.