Teacher Sues Clark County School District Over Eldorado High School Attack

Las Vegas, Nevada – A former Eldorado High School teacher is taking legal action against the Clark County School District, alleging that the district failed to ensure her safety. The teacher, known as Sade Doe in the lawsuit, claims that the district was aware of violence issues at Eldorado and other schools before a student brutally attacked her in April 2022.

According to the lawsuit filed in Clark County District Court, Sade Doe had only been teaching for less than two years when the incident occurred. She was under the impression during the interview process that Eldorado High School had a positive working environment and was not informed of any security concerns.

The attack took place during mandatory after-school office hours, with the student, Jonathan Eluterio Martinez Garcia, assaulting the teacher in her classroom. Despite policies in place requiring students to leave the building after school and obtain permission to stay for office hours, the attacker was able to roam the halls without detection.

Garcia, who was charged as an adult despite being a minor at the time, subjected the teacher to a brutal assault that resulted in severe physical and psychological injuries. The victim, who no longer works for the district, recounted the terrifying ordeal during Garcia’s sentencing hearing.

In response to the incident, the Clark County School District has implemented new security measures across all schools, including panic buttons and enhanced surveillance systems. Eldorado High School was one of the first institutions to receive these upgrades, at a cost of approximately $26 million.

The lawsuit names former Superintendent Jesus Jara and Eldorado Principal Christina Brockett as defendants, seeking damages exceeding $50,000 and requesting a jury trial. A spokesperson for CCSD declined to comment on the ongoing litigation.

As the legal battle unfolds, the case highlights the ongoing challenges faced by educators in maintaining a safe learning environment for students. The outcome of this lawsuit could have far-reaching implications for school districts nationwide in addressing security concerns and ensuring the well-being of staff and students.