Teenager accused of plotting Instagram robbery that left shooting victim dismembered also suspected of murder

Las Vegas, Nevada – A teenager was arrested on charges of attempted murder, robbery, and battery after a shooting victim was found dismembered in a reported robbery. The suspect, Mikeem Davis, was tracked down through his Instagram account and is also suspected of a murder, according to documents obtained by investigators.

The incident occurred in June, when police responded to gunshots fired in the east valley. The victim, who was found with nine gunshot wounds, was taken to the hospital by family members. It was later revealed that the victim’s friend had arranged a meeting to purchase a ghost gun, without a serial number, from a group of teenagers. The encounter turned violent, leading to the shooting victim being blindsided, struck, and placed in a headlock.

Despite initially being unable to retrieve viable information from a phone found at the scene, detectives were able to link Davis to the crime through his Apple iCloud account and Instagram account. In addition to the charges in Las Vegas, an arrest warrant for Davis on a California murder charge was also active.

During an interview with police, Davis admitted to being present at the shooting but claimed he pulled out his gun in self-defense. Another individual involved in the case was also arrested for an unrelated murder. As of now, Davis remains in custody on $100,000 bail, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for January 24.

The case raises questions about the use of social media in criminal investigations and highlights the dangers of illegal firearms transactions. It also underscores the prevalence of violent crime among teenagers and the need for proactive measures to address youth involvement in criminal activities. Despite the arrest, the investigation continues to unfold, shedding light on the complex and interconnected nature of criminal activities.