Teenager Stabbing Apology: Accused Claims Intent to “Scare” Victim, Not Kill

Leeds, England – A teenager facing allegations of fatally stabbing a 15-year-old boy expressed remorse in court, stating that he did not intend to cause the victim’s death. The defendant, who was 14 at the time of the incident, admitted to only wanting to frighten the victim, Alfie Lewis, with a knife and not inflict harm. The tragic event occurred on Church Road in Horsforth, Leeds, last November, leading to the untimely passing of Alfie at the hospital.

During the proceedings at Leeds Crown Court, the accused, now 15, shared details of a previous altercation with Alfie, mentioning a fight in the summer where he felt targeted by the victim. The defendant recounted feeling threatened by Alfie’s actions on Halloween, just a week before the fatal encounter. He described an incident where Alfie demanded fireworks from him, leading to tensions between the two teenagers.

The defense barrister questioned the defendant about his choice to carry a knife and the events leading up to the confrontation that resulted in Alfie’s death. The defendant explained that he had retrieved the weapon from his home on the day of the incident, revealing that the handle of the knife had been painted black. He clarified that the knife had been selected with the intention of intimidating Alfie, not causing him harm.

As the trial continued, the teenager detailed his actions during the encounter, emphasizing his fears of being attacked by Alfie. He recounted a moment of panic when he believed Alfie was reaching for a weapon, prompting him to swing the knife in self-defense. Despite the tragic outcome, the defendant maintained that his actions were driven by a desire to protect himself and deter any potential threats from Alfie.

Under scrutiny from the prosecutor, the defendant faced challenging questions about the nature of his actions and intentions during the confrontation. The prosecution pressed the defendant on his choice of weapon, highlighting discrepancies in his defense. The trial is ongoing, shedding light on the complex circumstances surrounding the tragic incident and the conflicting accounts presented in court.