Trial to Begin for Man Charged with Murder in IMPD Officer’s Death

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The trial is set to begin on Monday for a man accused of killing an Indianapolis Metropolitan police officer almost four years ago. Elliahs Dorsey faces multiple charges, including murder, in connection with the April 2020 shooting death of Officer Breann Leath.

Leath was responding to a domestic violence call on April 9, 2020, when Dorsey allegedly fired through an apartment door, fatally striking Leath in the head. Since then, Dorsey has faced a legal battle as the case has progressed through the court system.

In a significant development, Marion County Superior Court Judge Mark Stoner ruled in May 2023 that prosecutors could seek the death penalty against Dorsey. However, shortly after that ruling, Dorsey’s attorneys indicated their intention to raise an insanity defense. This ultimately led to Dorsey being declared mentally ill, resulting in the prosecutors filing a motion to dismiss their request for the death penalty in January.

Following these developments, the trial is set to commence on Monday with jury selection scheduled to begin. Once the jury has been selected, opening statements are expected to take place in the afternoon. This case has garnered significant attention and will be closely followed as it unfolds in the coming weeks.