Trump Denounces Militarization And Politicization Of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

Former President Donald Trump denounced the pervasive militarization and politicization of federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI on Monday.

“It’s totally been weaponized with these prosecutors,” Trump remarked Monday on the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. Trump describes the FBI and other federal law enforcement organizations as “totally weaponized.” The former president stated that prosecutors and far-left Democrats had been after him for years. According to Trump, the higher his poll numbers rise, the more aggressively his foes attack him.

Public resentment has been developing against the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and other federal law enforcement agencies over perceived politicization and misuse of authority. Examples include cooperating with social media sites to block user material and, in some cases shadowbanning users, compliance with demands to monitor parents sounding off at school board meetings as possible domestic terrorists, and referring to Catholics that go to Latin mass as “extremist threats.”

The former president also criticized what he considers double standards surrounding the preservation and storage of classified documents by federal law enforcement.

Last year, the FBI searched for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort for confidential materials sought in an official record dispute with the National Archives.

In recent months, it had come to light that President Biden kept papers from the Obama administration (back when he was the Vice President) and stashed them in a garage at his house in Wilmington, Delaware, and his former office at Penn Biden Center. Both are alarming as the Penn Biden Center has a history of accepting Chinese donations, and Hunter Biden resided at Wilmington residences. Federal officials and Biden’s attorneys collaborated to find and gather this information without resorting to harsh enforcement measures accumulating in an FBI Raid on his West Palm Beach estate. Even more, ironically, was the fact that the FBI and the Democrats made sure to bury the issue so that it was not leaked to the public until after the 2022 election had taken place.

Trump stated that the whole document issue was a hoax. He added that Obama carried paperwork all over the place. Trump said if you consider Obama and Biden, then you have to consider all of them, “even Jimmy Carter — and we wish him well .”Trump stated that everybody took documents.

Trump pledged to continue fighting against the politicization of federal law enforcement and intelligence organizations. According to Trump, “It’s a disgrace what’s going on.”   According to Trump, he has fought it for years and will continue to fight it. “We’ve been doing very well.”

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