Trump’s Border Policies: The Iron Fist that Protected America

Renowned for his strong stance on illegal immigration, former President Donald Trump’s robust approach to border control had a profound echo beyond our southern frontier. Trump’s border policies had a significant impact, reaching Mexico and Central America and informing their citizens’ decisions due to the less receptive atmosphere at the border. Such insights were shared by Texas author Henry Chappell during a conversation with Helen Andrews, senior editor at The American Conservative, on July 11. Their dialogue followed Chappell’s June report on the border crisis titled “A Texas Border Tour.”

Their discussion revolved around the dramatic increase in border crossings post-President Biden’s inauguration. The burning question was, what triggered this massive shift when Biden took over from Trump? Andrews sought to know if it was a change in atmosphere or actual policy implementation. In response, Chappell pointed to both but emphasized the crucial role the new administration’s “vibes” played, underlining the role of existing U.S.-based family members who informed potential immigrants.

Chappell brought attention to the significant policy shift by Biden’s administration, where fervent immigration activists were promoted, possibly driven by their confrontational experience with Trump’s administration over the previous four years.

Contrary to the popular perception of illegal immigrants being poor and desperate, Chappell painted a different picture, highlighting their access to the same modern technologies as U.S. citizens. He revealed an amusing encounter shared by a ranger, who often gets requests from immigrants to charge their cell phones.

Discussing the role of cartels in illegal crossings, Chappell portrayed them as businesses striving to minimize law enforcement scrutiny. He emphasized the ruthless efficiency of these operations, which abandon migrants who cause delays or problems in their tightly scheduled operations.

Chappell took the opportunity to correct a common conservative misconception about the border crisis. He noted that it’s not just non-Hispanics lamenting the situation. Still, the Hispanic-majority South Texas counties feel the brunt of the open border policy. When asked about the Republican Party’s future among Hispanic voters along the border, Chappell showed optimism, considering Trump’s increased popularity among this demographic in 2020.

Recent Border Patrol statistics reveal a steady increase in southwest borderland encounters over the past few years, excluding those who managed to cross undetected. Alarmingly, there’s been a surge in illegal crossings from China and Russia, which concerns Republican House members like Rep. August Pfluger of Texas.

There’s been a global trend of increased immigration, both legal and illegal, into Western countries, regardless of conservative leadership. For instance, under Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the United Kingdom witnessed record migration levels in 2022.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate, has faced criticism over border control. Journalist Michael Yon publicly challenged Abbott’s commitment to border security, referring to him as a stooge of the World Economic Forum. Despite such accusations, Abbott’s reputation for attending WEF meetings has persisted.

Intriguingly, Chappell relayed that during his border visit, people mentioned Colony Ridge, a Houston suburb said to house numerous illegal immigrants. Chappell acknowledged the potential business opportunity presented by such a situation. He highlighted that state-level law enforcement in Texas, despite being under the leadership of Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, could adopt a more stringent stance than federal agencies, albeit within limited authority.

He praised Governor Abbott’s appointee, Mike Banks, the state’s border czar. According to Chappell, Banks is a well-connected figure with access to critical information, making him highly efficient at his job.