Urgent Manhunt in Albany: Shooter on the Loose After Fatal Daylight Attack

Albany, N.Y. — A search is ongoing for a gunman following a deadly daylight shooting in Albany on Tuesday, where a 21-year-old man was fatally shot near Delaware Avenue. The incident, which occurred during the busy evening hours, left the community in shock as police heighten efforts to locate the suspect still at large.

Responding to alerts of gunfire around 5:10 p.m., authorities arrived at the intersection of Delaware Avenue and Southern Boulevard. They discovered a young man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, who was later pronounced dead. The situation escalated quickly from what appeared to originate from a verbal confrontation in a nearby parking lot.

According to Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins, the confrontation led to one individual on foot opening fire on two people who were in a nearby vehicle. Despite managing to drive away, the driver crashed into the parking lot of a local Stewart’s shop as the assailant continued to shoot, unloading a total of 13 rounds.

The shooting, remarkably, did not cause any additional injuries despite the number of rounds fired and the presence of another occupant in the vehicle. This incident underscores the growing concern of public safety in busy urban areas.

Chief Hawkins described the shooter as a lighter-skinned Black male, whom they are actively seeking. In an effort to catch the suspect, authorities are reviewing video footage from the area and have urged anyone with information to come forward.

Witnesses described the harrowing scene where one of the victims, bloodied from the gunfire, attempted to exit the car before collapsing. This tragic outcome marks another sign of what Hawkins referred to as a “senseless act of violence,” rooted in the inability to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Sandra Fredricks, a local council member, echoed the sentiment of senseless violence, deeming it unacceptable, particularly during a time like rush hour when more civilians are at risk.

Tensions about the nature of these altercations contributing to public unrest are high. While Hawkins hinted that the situation could potentially involve a domestic dispute, Bishop Avery Comithier of the anti-violence group Pastors on Patrol suggests a deeper gang-related tension dividing parts of the community.

Police urge those who may have evidence or information on the suspect’s whereabouts to contact the Albany Police Detective Division. Additionally, anonymous tips can be submitted through the Capital Region Crime Stoppers, enhancing community involvement in aiding law enforcement efforts.

This incident has prompted responses not only from law enforcement but from community leaders and residents, who are increasingly alarmed by the frequency and ferocity of public shootings. It highlights a critical need for community engagement and proactive measures to address and mitigate violent conflicts that endanger public spaces. As the investigation continues, many are left hoping for swift justice and a return to peace.