Vaccine Lawsuit: Parents Seek Justice for Daughter’s Death blamed on Covishield

Chennai, India – The tragic death of a young woman, Karunya, following her administration of the Covishield vaccine in 2021 has sparked legal action from her grieving parents against AstraZeneca and the Serum Institute of India. Venugopalan Govindan, the father of Karunya, expressed profound sorrow over his daughter’s untimely passing, pointing the blame at various parties involved. In a recent statement, Govindan described Karunya as a precious gift, lamenting the loss caused by alleged negligence.

Govindan criticized AstraZeneca for acknowledging in court documents the potential rare side effects of their vaccine, including blood clots, which he believed came too late after many lives had already been lost. He emphasized the shared responsibility of Serum Institute of India, the government, and regulatory bodies in the tragic outcome, citing missed opportunities to prevent such tragedies.

Highlighting alleged negligence by authorities and missed warning signs, Govindan expressed determination in seeking justice for his daughter’s passing. He underscored their readiness to pursue legal action against anyone considered responsible if their current efforts fail to provide adequate redress. Govindan, alongside families of eight other victims, united in their pursuit of justice to hold accountable those they believe are responsible for the devastating loss of their loved ones.

The families remain resolute in their quest for justice, aiming to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future. Their collective determination to seek accountability for the loss of their loved ones reflects a broader call for transparency and responsibility in the handling of healthcare matters. The legal action taken by these families signifies a push for justice and answers in the wake of profound loss and alleged negligence.