Violence Erupts at UCLA Campus as Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Israeli Protesters Clash

Los Angeles, California – Violence erupted at UCLA as tensions escalated between pro-Palestinian demonstrators and pro-Israeli counterprotesters. Photojournalist Anthony Cabassa captured the chaos as clashes broke out between the two groups on the campus.

Following the arrival of a small group of counterprotesters playing loud music at the encampment’s barrier, the situation quickly escalated. Within 30 minutes, more counterprotesters arrived with additional loudspeakers, heightening the confrontations.

By late into the night, barriers were destroyed, fireworks were set off, and mace was sprayed amid the escalating violence. Fights broke out around 12:10 a.m., with individuals wearing masks and carrying metal poles, creating a scene of mayhem as smoke filled the air and projectiles were hurled into the encampment.

Amid the skirmishes, a group resembling private security personnel from Apex Security Group stood by and watched, seemingly unable or unwilling to intervene. A violent confrontation ensued, resulting in individuals being struck with metal poles, as captured in subsequent videos shared by Cabassa.

As tensions continued to escalate, police eventually arrived at the scene, receiving chants of “USA! USA!” from the pro-Israel protesters. By 2 a.m., authorities managed to separate the opposing sides, restoring relative calm to the campus. Despite police urging protesters to disperse, many remained on the scene, refusing to comply.

The clashes at UCLA serve as a stark reminder of the deep-rooted tensions surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with both sides resorting to violence in a display of fervent beliefs. The aftermath of the confrontation leaves questions about the handling of such demonstrations on college campuses and the implications for free speech and peaceful assembly.