Violence Erupts: Tanzanian Women’s Football Match Halted After Referee Attack

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – A women’s football match in Tanzania descended into chaos when players from Ceasiaa Queens aggressively pursued and attacked a referee following a disputed penalty decision. The incident, which occurred during a crucial league match against Alliance Schools, has stirred widespread condemnation within the community.

In shocking footage that surfaced from the event, the referee can be seen fleeing across the pitch as players from Ceasiaa Queens chase after her. Despite her attempts to escape towards the athletics track surrounding the field, she was relentlessly pursued by the players.

Eyewitness videos captured the chaotic scene as the tension escalated near the team benches, with one player even attempting a physical assault on the referee. Authorities had to intervene as some players caught up to her, leading to further violent attempts including a kick from a player and punches from a male spectator.

The match was abruptly halted with Ceasiaa Queens leading 2-1 and minutes away from the final whistle. The incident comes at a critical juncture in the league as Ceasiaa Queens and Yanga Princess compete for second and third place after Simba secured the championship with 54 points.

A source close to the Football Association of Tanzania revealed an immediate investigation into the incident, with potential sanctions looming for those involved. The football governing body condemned the behavior, emphasizing the importance of upholding the spirit of the game and denouncing such violence in sports.

This episode has not only shocked fans and officials but has also raised concerns about sportsmanship in Tanzanian women’s football. It underscores the need for maintaining respect and fair play on the field to uphold the integrity of the sport.

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