Wealthy Indian-Origin Family Tragically Found Dead in Dover Mansion in Alleged Domestic Violence Case

DOVER, Mass. – A wealthy Indian-origin family was discovered dead in their lavish mansion in Dover, Massachusetts. The family, consisting of Rakesh Kamal, his wife Teena, and their 18-year-old daughter Ariana, was found lifeless, sparking an investigation into what is being alleged as a case of domestic violence. The incident has shocked the quiet town of Dover, as such cases are rare in the area.

The family had faced financial difficulties, with their company EduNova being dissolved in 2021. Following this, Teena filed for bankruptcy, and their mansion, which was purchased for $4 million, was foreclosed. This downfall marked a significant decline in the family’s fortune.

Rakesh and Teena were both successful in their careers in education and technology. Their daughter, Ariana, was known for her academic prowess and vocal talent but tragically had her life cut short while studying neuroscience at Middlebury College.

The District Attorney has refrained from confirming whether all three victims were shot or identifying the shooter. The last comparable incident in Dover dates back to over a decade ago, making this event particularly shocking for the residents.

The family’s tragic demise was discovered when a concerned relative, having not heard from them, decided to pay them an unexpected visit. The presence of a firearm near Rakesh’s body has led to suspicions of domestic violence, and the investigation is ongoing.