Why DeSantis Might Be the Dark Horse to Beat Trump in the Polls

During a recent visit to Iowa, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emphasized his commitment to hard work and grassroots campaigning. Although he currently lags behind former President Trump by over 40 percentage points in the polls, DeSantis believes his on-the-ground efforts will eventually pay dividends.

On September 16, DeSantis, a former Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG) officer, returned to Iowa as part of his mission to visit all 99 counties in the state before the crucial first-in-the-nation caucus. He has already visited 58 counties, and during a packed town hall in Red Oak, he reiterated his dedication to this goal, receiving applause from the audience and Iowa U.S. Senator Joni Ernst.

DeSantis emphasized the importance of earning the nomination by actively engaging with Iowa communities. He believes that candidates should not take anything for granted and should earn their nominations by directly interacting with voters and seeking their support.

Despite Trump’s continued strong performance in the polls, he has faced several federal and state charges and has opted out of traditional Republican Party nomination procedures. When asked about Trump’s campaign efforts in Iowa, Senator Ernst highlighted the importance of candidates being present and interacting with the voters. Ernst said, “They want to be able to come out, ask questions of the candidates, and hear about what their vision for the future is.”

DeSantis also shared his vision for the country, emphasizing the need for strength in Washington, D.C., a focus on national security, and accountability for those responsible for the national debt and COVID-19 measures. He passionately spoke about reversing the nation’s decline and restoring its greatness.

“I refuse to wave the white flag of surrender in the face of this decline,” he said. “Together, we will reverse American decline, we will put this country on a path to have a new birth of freedom, and we will restore what is great about these United States of America.”

Discussing his potential first day in office, DeSantis vowed to end “Bidenomics” and discard all Biden-era regulations and executive orders. He also proposed a balanced budget amendment and term limits for Congress. Additionally, he labeled the immigration situation a “day one issue,” promising to declare a national emergency, deploy the military to the border, and construct a border wall. DeSantis also pledged to address the drug trade and sex trafficking by the Mexican Cartel and to reform government agencies, including the FBI and DOJ.

Drawing parallels to his tenure as Florida’s governor, DeSantis mentioned his actions in the state, such as opposing pandemic restrictions and reducing the state’s debt. He also emphasized his stance on parents’ rights and opposition to transgender ideologies for children.
DeSantis concluded by assuring the audience his sincerity and commitment to his promises. He is set to reveal his energy policy in Midland, Texas, on September 20.