Woman charged with murder after terrifying road rage attack

BRONX, NY – In an act of road rage, a young man riding a scooter was killed by a woman from the Bronx. The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon following an argument between the driver, Lillibeth Vasquez, and the victim, Robert Jimenez. Witnesses state the female driver intentionally struck the 23-year-old man on a scooter.

The incident occurred around 2:22 p.m. near the intersection of Fox Street and Intervale Avenue in the South Bronx. According to police reports, Jimenez and Vasquez had argued. Jimenez had ripped off Vasquez’s side mirror during the altercation. When Jiminez rode his scooter against traffic on one-way Fox St. in Longwood, Vasquez allegedly sped after him and deliberately slammed into his scooter near Intervale Ave., cops said.

The police reports indicate that a 28-year-old woman driving a Honda Civic was traveling southbound on Fox Street when she hit him. Disturbing photos taken at the scene show the front of the red vehicle severely damaged, with the front right tire turned on its side. The wreckage of the scooter was also observed nearby.

Following the collision, Robert Jimenez was rushed to Lincoln Hospital, where medical professionals pronounced him dead. On Sunday afternoon, Vasquez was charged with both murder and manslaughter. The motive behind the road rage incident remains under investigation.

The victim, Robert Jimenez, was on his way to collect money from his father when the altercation occurred. He had borrowed a friend’s motorized scooter for the journey. Jimenez’s father, Milton Jimenez, expressed heartbreak over his son’s untimely death, particularly because Robert was anticipating the birth of his first child. “He was supposed to come here to get the money,” Milton told The Daily News. “Now, he will never meet his unborn daughter.”