**World-Record Serial Killer’s Eerie Smile Surprises Detective During Interview**

LIVERPOOL, England – A former detective shared an unsettling encounter with one of the UK’s most notorious killers, describing how the killer managed to bring a smile to his face during their conversation. Robert Maudsley, who has earned the nickname “Hannibal the Cannibal,” has spent over 16,400 consecutive days in a specially constructed underground box for 23 hours a day, holding four life sentences.

Maudsley’s path to infamy began in 1974 when he committed his first murder, and escalated to multiple grisly crimes that led to his solitary confinement. In January 2023, he broke the world record for the longest solitary confinement, spending each day within a bulletproof glass cell under tight security measures.

During an interview with the killer, ex-detective Paul Harrison revealed how Maudsley exhibited unexpected traits, contrary to the perceived image of a monstrous and evil man. Describing the killer as intelligent and capable of sparking a smile during their interactions, Harrison admitted that the encounter challenged his preconceived notions about Maudsley.

The article further details Maudsley’s disturbing history of violence, starting with his first murder in 1974 and leading to a string of brutal acts that earned him the dubious title of “Hannibal the Cannibal.” Throughout his time in prison, Maudsley displayed an interest in art, poetry, and documentaries about wildlife, portraying a complex and enigmatic figure behind the monstrous deeds.

In conclusion, Robert Maudsley’s chilling reign of terror and subsequent confinement in solitary continues to captivate public attention. With a notorious reputation and unsettling actions, his story stands as a testament to the darkest corners of human behavior and the complex nature of criminal psychology.