You Won’t Believe Who Ron DeSantis May Choose as His Vice Presidential Candidate

Governor Ron DeSantis has brought up the topic of a potential vice presidential candidate in the event that he secures the Republican nomination for the presidency in 2024. The matter discussed holds significant complexity.

Over the weekend, a reporter questioned Governor DeSantis about his relationship with Governor Reynolds. The reporter asked if he would consider her a potential vice presidential pick in this campaign, given that he defended her after President Trump’s recent statements. In response, DeSantis said, “Of course,” he then praised Reynolds as one of the top public servants in America and expressed his belief that the attacks on her were unjustified. He emphasized the importance of recognizing and appreciating good Republican officeholders.

He continued by saying they often make light of the competition between Iowa and Florida – sometimes they take the lead, and sometimes Florida does. However, DeSantis said he genuinely hopes they “outperform us” because it’s beneficial. He added that he appreciates when Republicans are doing well and don’t feel envious. He said that he wants to see them excel. DeSantis added that Iowa has done commendably, and he believes she’s an exemplary public servant. “Anyone who is a Republican and criticizes her is completely mistaken.”

Recently, Donald Trump criticized Reynolds for maintaining neutrality in the GOP primary, despite having endorsed her in 2018. Trump expressed his thoughts on Truth Social: “I opened up the Governor position for Kim Reynolds, & when she fell behind, I ENDORSED her, did big Rallies, & she won. Now, she wants to remain ‘NEUTRAL.’ I don’t invite her to events!”

Trump perceives Ron DeSantis as disloyal for running for president and believes that Reynolds is disloyal for not endorsing him, even though she is not endorsing DeSantis either. Trump’s attack on Reynolds was undoubtedly a self-inflicted mistake that has cost him at least one endorsement.

Iowa state senator Jeff Reichman (R-50th district) commented, “Trump is very outspoken. We’ve come to expect that.” Reichman said that’s fine when it was focused on the right people. According to Reichman, earlier this week, the attention shifted toward Reynolds, and he believed it was important to support “our Governor and our home team.” With that in mind, Reichman made the decision to withdraw his endorsement for Trump. As a result, he is now endorsing Ron DeSantis.

Although DeSantis has not made any commitments regarding his choice of a running mate, his support for Reynolds differs greatly from Trump’s stance, which could aid him in gaining the support of Iowa voters, a crucial demographic during the primaries. Thus far, it appears that Trump is doing everything within his power to assist DeSantis in winning over Iowa voters.