Abuse Video Surfaces of Missouri Dog Trainer Kick crate of German Shepherd

PLEASANT HILL, Missouri – A dog trainer from Missouri is facing multiple citations for animal abuse after a video of him mistreating a German Shepherd went viral on social media. Matt Fiala, who runs a dog training service called Advanced Canine Training, was captured on video kicking a crate with the dog inside and scaring the pup.

The disturbing video, which was shared on Facebook, shows Fiala putting the dog in a crate and then throwing water on the animal. When the canine tries to escape, he turns the crate upside down and kicks the door multiple times. The video was shared with a warning for all dog owners to be cautious about where they leave their pets for training.

Pleasant Hill Police Chief Tommy Wright expressed his shock and disgust at the footage, calling it “appalling” and stating that it was “awful to watch” for anyone who loves animals. Authorities are now seeking to speak with Fiala’s former clients and are urging people to come forward and testify about their experiences with him.

Wright also emphasized the importance of researching dog trainers before entrusting them with pets, advising pet owners to choose reputable trainers with a history of good work and no allegations of abuse against them.

The investigation is ongoing, and Fiala faces charges of animal abuse, as well as operating a business and boarding facility without a license.