Shooting Chaos Caught on Surveillance Video: Woman Killed and Others Injured in New Orleans Incident

New Orleans, Louisiana – Surveillance footage captured the chaotic scene at Republic NOLA during a shooting incident that tragically took the life of a woman and left multiple others injured on Sunday night. The video shows individuals frantically fleeing the area, with one woman seen initially standing on the sidewalk before running away as gunshots … Read more

Shocking: Ohio Man Charged with Murder in Uber Driver Shooting captured on video

CINCINNATI, OHIO – A man from Ohio was arrested and charged with murder after a video captured the moments leading up to the fatal shooting of an Uber driver. The incident, which has sparked outrage and concern in the community, unfolded in a troubling manner that has left many questioning the safety of ride-share services. … Read more

New Yorkers Unite to Thwart Woman Punching Attacker in Viral Video

New York City, NY – A disturbing video capturing a violent assault in the streets of New York City has surfaced, showcasing a group of vigilantes coming to the rescue of a woman who was punched by a man. The incident took place on 14th and Seventh Avenue, with the attack being thwarted by strangers … Read more

Threatening Video of Biden: Trump Accused of Inciting Political Violence

Massapequa, New York – Former President Donald Trump is facing criticism for a video posted on his social media platform, Truth Social, depicting an image of President Joe Biden bound in the back of a pickup truck. The video, shared on Friday, has been labeled as “inciting political violence” by Biden’s campaign, drawing parallels to … Read more

Shootout at UNLV: Video footage shows campus shooter killed by police after 3 professors shot dead

Las Vegas, Nevada – The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) has recently released a video capturing the moments leading up to the fatal shooting of a campus shooter by the police. The incident unfolded after three professors were tragically shot dead on the campus. The video provides a chilling insight into the events that … Read more

Campus Surveillance Video Captures Deadly Shootout at UNLV

Las Vegas, NV – Security footage released by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas showed a campus police officer engaging in a deadly shootout with 67-year-old gunman Anthony Polito on December 6, 2023. The incident resulted in the death of three professors and the injury of a fourth. The footage captured by surveillance cameras portrayed … Read more

Campus Gunman Caught on Video by UNLV Security During Shooting

Las Vegas, Nevada – The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, has recently released a significant amount of footage regarding a campus shooting incident that resulted in the tragic deaths of three individuals. The released materials include 20 hours of surveillance video from campus security cameras and body cameras worn by campus officers, along with more … Read more

Gunman in Deadly UNLV Shooting Captured on Campus Surveillance Cameras in Newly Released Video

Las Vegas, NV – Newly released video footage from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas reveals a harrowing rampage last December, resulting in the deaths of three professors and severe injury to another. The incident ended when a campus police officer bravely confronted and fatally shot the 67-year-old gunman outside a building on campus. The … Read more

Explosive Video Captures Massive Gas Station Blast on Camera

In St. Cloud, Minnesota, a dramatic video captured a massive explosion at a gas station, sending plumes of smoke and flames into the sky. The incident occurred suddenly, shocking onlookers and witnesses in the area. The explosion rattled nearby buildings and caused concern among residents. Emergency responders were quick to arrive at the scene, working … Read more

Explosion Caught on Video: 4 Injured at Paper Mill – TBT NEWSHOUR Coverage 2024

Thunder Bay, Ontario – An explosion at a paper mill in Thunder Bay, Ontario on March 26, 2024, left four people injured. The explosion, captured on video, showed the intensity of the blast and the chaotic scene following the incident. Emergency responders quickly arrived at the scene to attend to the injured individuals and assess … Read more