Chancellor Myles to Rule on Release of Covenant Shooter’s Writings, Delay Decision on Public Access (Photo: FOX 17 News)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Chancellor l’Ashea Myles is facing a pivotal decision regarding the public release of the writings by the shooter involved in the Covenant School incident. The writings, found in the shooter’s car, have sparked a legal battle over their disclosure. Metro Nashville Police Department’s investigation into the case is expected to conclude in … Read more

Covenant Chancellor to Determine Release of Shooter’s Writings in Public Battle

Nashville, Tennessee – The decision whether to make public the writings of the Covenant School shooter, Audrey Hale, remains in the hands of Chancellor l’Ashea Myles. The Metro Nashville Police Department is currently conducting an investigation into the deadly shooting incident at the school. Metro Legal officials have cited Rule 16 as a reason for … Read more

Public Hearing to Determine Release of Covenant School Shooter’s Writings

Nashville, Tennessee – A pivotal hearing is underway to determine whether the writings of the Covenant School shooter will be made accessible to the public. The judge presiding over the case must decide on the release of the shooter’s writings, which could shed light on the tragic incident that shocked the local community. During the … Read more

Jealousy-Fueled Assault Lands Co Antrim Man Seven-Year Prison Sentence +3 Years Supervised Release

Belfast, Northern Ireland – A man from Co Antrim has been sentenced to seven years in prison for a violent assault on his ex-partner driven by jealousy. Dylan Robert Black, 26, was also given three years of supervised release upon his release from prison, as the judge deemed him a danger to the public. Black, … Read more

Defendants Jailed for Capitol Attack Promised Release by Trump

Washington, DC – Following the events of January 6th at the Capitol, former President Donald Trump has made claims to release violent defendants who participated in the attack. This comes as a shocking announcement from Trump, causing concern among various individuals and political groups. The former president’s stance on the matter has stirred up controversy … Read more

Teenage Killer’s Release to Parents Delayed in Nebraska as Court Debates Safety

Omaha, Nebraska – A controversial case involving a teenage killer has sparked debate over his potential release back to his parents from a treatment facility in Lincoln. The 15-year-old, who was 13 at the time of the murder, has been in custody for less than two years since fatally shooting a 19-year-old victim in a … Read more

Tattoo Mystery: Cold Case Detectives Release Enhanced Tattoos of Unknown 1985 Borrego Springs Murder Victim

San Diego County, California – The San Diego County Sheriff’s Cold Case team is seeking assistance in identifying an unknown murder victim whose body was discovered in Borrego Springs nearly 39 years ago. The victim, found in a remote area, remains unidentified despite efforts from detectives to solve the case. On October 26, 1985, a … Read more

Attack on Titan: Uncovering the Most Important Deaths in Latest Game Release

In Marley, the tragic deaths in the attack on Titan have left a deep impact on fans of the popular series. Among the most significant casualties were several key characters, whose demise has shocked and saddened viewers around the world. One of the most important deaths in the attack on Titan was that of Petra … Read more

Shooting at Jacksonville Beach Leaves One Dead – Police to Release Security Videos Soon

Jacksonville Beach, Florida – Authorities in Jacksonville Beach, Florida identified a man who was killed in a shooting incident that occurred during a gathering of young people near the pier. The incident, which drew national attention, resulted in the death of 21-year-old James Jones III. Police are expected to release security videos related to the … Read more

Failings in Release of Violent Offender Lead to Fatal Stabbing Spree in Birmingham

Birmingham, West Midlands – An inquest has revealed that serious failings in the prison and probation services allowed a violent man, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, to be released from prison and subsequently go on a stabbing spree in Birmingham city center. The man, identified as McLeod, fatally stabbed a man and injured seven others over … Read more