Shooting Suspect Arrested After Teen Killed in Nashville Incident

Nashville, Tennessee authorities have taken a 19-year-old individual into custody following a fatal shooting incident that claimed the life of another teen in Madison. Detectives apprehended Jaylin Sanford in West Nashville shortly after Kenneth Buford Jr., also 19, succumbed to his injuries. The tragic event unfolded on Monday afternoon at a field near North Gallatin … Read more

Explosion at Nashville Special Effects Company Leaves 3 Injured, Gas Leak Contained

NASHVILLE, TN – Three individuals were injured in an explosion at a special effects company in Nashville, Tennessee, where a natural gas leak was successfully contained. The incident occurred, leading to injuries and concern in the local community. Emergency responders swiftly arrived at the scene to address the situation and provide assistance to those affected … Read more

Shooting tragedy in Nashville alley leaves one dead, one injured

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A tragic shooting incident took place in an alley between Hayes and Church streets during the early hours of Saturday morning, resulting in the death of one individual and injuries to another. Metro Nashville Police are actively investigating the fatal shooting of 32-year-old Christopher Cheeks, who lost his life in the unfortunate … Read more

Senator Faces Ethics Complaint Over Nashville School Shooting Case Involvement

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Family members of the victims from a tragic school shooting in Nashville last year have taken action against a state senator in Tennessee, claiming that his actions are self-serving. Senator Todd Gardenhire has been accused of pursuing a lawsuit to obtain the shooter’s documents while simultaneously proposing legislation that would prevent third … Read more

Gunman with Extensive Criminal History Accused of Killing Man in Nashville Coffee Shop Incident on Easter Sunday

Nashville, Tennessee – A deadly shooting at a coffee shop on Easter Sunday has left residents in shock, as the suspect, Anton Rucker, remains on the run. The Metro Nashville Police have identified Rucker as the gunman responsible for the tragic incident that claimed the life of 33-year-old Allen Beachem. Rucker, who is now on … Read more

Shooting Erupts at Nashville Restaurant During Easter Brunch, Killing One and Injuring Several

Nashville, Tennessee – A deadly shooting unfolded at a Nashville restaurant in Tennessee on Easter Sunday, leaving one man dead and seven others injured. The incident erupted from a heated argument between two individuals, with one of them firing multiple shots before fleeing the scene. The altercation took place during a Sunday brunch event at … Read more

Gunman Opens Fire in Nashville Restaurant, Killing One and Injuring Five

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A tragic incident unfolded at a Nashville restaurant on Sunday afternoon, leaving one man dead and five others injured in a shooting incident. The violence erupted around 3 p.m. in the Salemtown neighborhood as a male suspect entered the restaurant with a woman, sparking a fatal altercation. According to Metropolitan Nashville Police … Read more

Gunman at Large After Fatal Shooting at Nashville Brunch

Nashville, Tennessee – Police are actively searching for a suspect, Anton Rucker, in connection with a shooting incident that occurred during an Easter brunch, resulting in the death of one man and injuries to five others. The altercation took place at Roasted in Nashville while brunch was being served, according to Don Aaron, the public … Read more

Shooting at Nashville Restaurant Leaves One Dead, Multiple Injured

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A tragic incident unfolded at a restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, resulting in one fatality and seven individuals sustaining injuries. The shooting occurred during a Sunday brunch at Roasted Salemtown, where a dispute escalated into violence, leaving multiple people wounded. The Metro Nashville Police Department is actively investigating the motive behind the shooting, … Read more

Chain of Support: Thousands Honor Gun Violence Victims in Nashville Demonstration

Nashville, Tennessee, one year after a tragic shooting at a private school claimed the lives of six individuals, thousands are set to gather in a demonstration advocating for gun violence prevention and reform. The community plans to come together to commemorate the victims and raise awareness about the impact of gun violence. Approximately 13,000 individuals … Read more