Reopened: Maine Bowling Alley Overcomes Tragedy to Celebrate New Beginnings

LEWISTON, Maine – Six months after a tragic mass shooting that claimed 18 lives and left 13 injured, the bowling alley where the horrific incident took place has reopened its doors. Justin and Samantha Juray, owners of Just-In-Time Recreation, welcomed patrons back to the venue on Friday, signaling a brave step forward for the community. … Read more

Lewiston, Maine Bowling Alley Reopens After Mass Shooting

LEWISTON, Maine – A bowling alley in Lewiston, Maine, that was the site of a mass shooting in the past has reopened its doors. The venue, Just-In-Time Recreation, owned by Justin and Samantha Juray, welcomed patrons on Friday, six months after the tragic incident that claimed 18 lives and injured 13 individuals. The shooting, carried … Read more

Shooting tragedy in Nashville alley leaves one dead, one injured

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A tragic shooting incident took place in an alley between Hayes and Church streets during the early hours of Saturday morning, resulting in the death of one individual and injuries to another. Metro Nashville Police are actively investigating the fatal shooting of 32-year-old Christopher Cheeks, who lost his life in the unfortunate … Read more

**Strangled Woman in Barking Alley Gets Justice as Attacker Jailed for 10 Years**

London, England – A man who brutally raped and strangled a woman in an alleyway in Barking has been sentenced to ten years in prison. Daniel Jordan, 28, was identified and apprehended through DNA evidence, revealing him as a known offender. The violent and sustained attack took place in Barking in October 2022, prompting the … Read more

Maine Commission Criticizes Law Enforcement Response to Deadly Mass Shooting in Bowling Alley and Bar

Meredith, New Hampshire – An independent commission has recently released a report on the events leading up to a tragic mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, where Army reservist Robert Card killed 18 people at a bowling alley and a bar on October 25, 2023. The commission’s findings revealed that law enforcement missed opportunities to prevent … Read more

Alley Self-Defense Shooting Leads to Arrest in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona – A fatal shooting in a Phoenix alley has left one man dead, with the alleged shooter claiming self-defense as the reason behind the incident. According to court documents, the altercation occurred between 22-year-old Andrew Anthony Ormsby and 22-year-old Roy Orozco in an alley near 27th Avenue and Campbell on February 22nd. Ormsby … Read more

Robbers in Wallsend alley steal cash, phones, and vegetables in brutal attack, leaving victims shaken

Newcastle, United Kingdom – In a recent incident in Wallsend, back alley robbers targeted unsuspecting victims, stealing a range of items including cash, phones, and even vegetables. The violent attack has left the community on edge and raised concerns about safety in the area. The robbers struck late at night, taking advantage of the darkness … Read more

Colorado Man Sentenced to Second Life Term for Killing Witness in Alley

AURORA, Colorado – After being convicted of first-degree murder in the 2020 killing of Charly Lewis, Steven Daniel Young received an additional life sentence for shooting the only witness to the murder. The witness, whose body was found in an alley, had seen Young kill another man six days prior. On Friday, Young, 48, was … Read more

Renovations Underway for Bowling Alley in Maine’s Deadliest Mass Shooting Site

LEWISTON, Maine – Following the tragic mass shooting that took place at the bowling alley in Lewiston, plans are underway for the establishment’s reopening and renovations. The deadly incident, which occurred on Oct. 25, resulted in the loss of 18 lives and left 13 others wounded. Out of the 18 victims, seven tragically lost their … Read more

Violent Sexual Assault in Queens Alley: Police Seek Suspect in Disturbing Attack

A woman in Queens, New York was violently attacked in the middle of the night, according to the NYPD. The 45-year-old woman was walking down Northern Boulevard in Elmhurst when a stranger drew a knife and forced her into an alley. The suspect then proceeded to rob her of her necklace and headphone before sexually … Read more