Self-defense claim in deadly road rage case revealed in trial testimony

SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio – New details emerged on Monday in a case of deadly road rage that has gripped the community. Dacerrei Kinard, the man accused of murder, is arguing that his actions were in self-defense. According to Summit County’s medical examiner, Dr. Robert Shott, George Jensen died from a gunshot wound to the back. … Read more

Self-Defense Murder: Detroit Man Charged with Second-Degree Murder in Shocking Family Feud

Sterling Heights, Michigan was rocked by a 911 call on January 23, 2009, that would change the lives of two families forever. The call brought first responders to a scene where Salam “Sam” Zora claimed to have shot his brother-in-law, Najem Matti, in self-defense. The discovery of Najem’s lifeless body, covered in gunshot wounds, raised … Read more

Gay Man Allegedly Targeted in Fatal Tampa Shooting as Accused Shooter Claims Self-Defense

TAMPA, Fla. – A community in Tampa, Florida, is seeking justice for John Walter Lay, known as “Walt,” who was fatally shot at West Dog Park on Feb. 2. While the accused shooter, Gerald Declan Radford, claims self-defense, friends of Lay allege that he was targeted because of his sexual orientation. Lay’s friends are adamant … Read more

Gay Man Killed at Tampa Dog Park in Alleged Self-Defense Shooting: Friends Demand Justice

TAMPA, Fla. – The tragic death of John Walter Lay, known as “Walt,” at West Dog Park on Feb. 2 has left friends and loved ones demanding justice amid claims of targeted violence against Lay for being gay. Despite the accused shooter, Gerald Declan Radford, asserting self-defense, those close to Lay refute this narrative, alleging … Read more

Alley Self-Defense Shooting Leads to Arrest in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona – A fatal shooting in a Phoenix alley has left one man dead, with the alleged shooter claiming self-defense as the reason behind the incident. According to court documents, the altercation occurred between 22-year-old Andrew Anthony Ormsby and 22-year-old Roy Orozco in an alley near 27th Avenue and Campbell on February 22nd. Ormsby … Read more

Trial to Determine Self-Defense Claim in Fatal San Antonio Shooting

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – A trial is set to begin to test the self-defense claim of a man involved in a fatal shooting in San Antonio. The defendant argues that the shooting was a result of self-defense after being threatened by the victim. The incident took place in 2018 when the defendant allegedly shot and … Read more

Shooting Ruled As Self-Defense in Fatal Stepson Altercation

SUMMERFIELD, Fla. – A recent case in Summerfield, Florida, has sparked controversy as prosecutors decided not to file charges against a man who shot and killed his stepson in their residence. The decision was made based on the shooter’s claim of self-defense and the inability of the state to disprove prior acts of violence committed … Read more

Provo Woman Accused of Murdering Husband Claims Self-Defense, Evidence Suggests Otherwise

PROVO, Utah – A Provo woman, Melissa Johnson-Fausett, was arrested and accused of the murder of her husband, Corry Fausett, in their northwest Provo home. Johnson-Fausett claimed that she shot her husband in self-defense, but police have stated that the evidence points to a different conclusion. According to police, they received a call from Johnson-Fausett … Read more

Reeds Spring Intruder’s Death Deemed Self-Defense justified by prosecutors

REED SPRINGS, Mo. – Prosecutors have ruled a November shooting death in Reed Springs as justified, following an investigation by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. The incident occurred when Stone County deputies accused Michael A. Ruhde, 33, of violently invading a man’s residence around 10:30 p.m. Nov. 4 in the rural area of Keystone and … Read more