AI-Based Israeli System Lavender Used in Gaza Conflict Revealed to Have Targeted Thousands indiscriminately

Tel Aviv, Israel – Experts have long cautioned against the dangers of utilizing AI in warfare, highlighting concerns beyond the scenario depicted in movies like Terminator. In the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, a disturbing use of AI-based targeting systems has been revealed. Israeli publications +972 and Local Call disclosed the details … Read more

Houston Police Hunt for Gunmen in White After Targeted Gas Station Shooting

HOUSTON, TX – Authorities in Houston are actively pursuing three individuals dressed in white who are suspected of carrying out a deliberate shooting that resulted in the deaths of two individuals. The incident, captured by surveillance footage, unfolded at a gas station in southeast Houston on Monday night. The perpetrators, arriving in a silver Dodge … Read more

Border Tensions Escalate as UN Observers Targeted in Lebanon Explosion

Ankara, Turkey – United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has strongly condemned an explosion targeting an Observer Group Lebanon (OGL) patrol that resulted in the injury of three UN military observers and a language assistant. The incident underscores the critical importance of ensuring the safety and security of peacekeepers in conflict zones, according to a statement … Read more

Aid Distribution Coordination Center in Gaza City Targeted by Israeli Air Strikes: Live Updates

Gaza City, Gaza Strip – Israeli air strikes have targeted a tribal committee coordinating aid distribution at Gaza City’s Kuwait Roundabout, resulting in the tragic killing of relief workers. This recent attack adds to the escalating violence in the region, further complicating humanitarian efforts. The airstrikes struck the heart of a vital logistical hub for … Read more

Murder-for-Hire Plot Targeted ‘Vibrant’ 96-Year-Old Widow in Montecito, California: Authorities Unveil Financial Exploitation Scheme

Montecito, California – A vibrant 96-year-old widow, known for her warm demeanor and social nature, was tragically found dead in her home on May 27, 2022. Violet Evelyn Alberts was discovered in her bed by deputies from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, who were alerted to her home by a broken window in the … Read more

Bronx Teen Tragically Killed in Targeted Shooting: Authorities

A Bronx teenager tragically lost his life after being targeted and shot in the neck on Thursday, according to authorities and police sources. The incident occurred during a confrontation with a group of individuals on Cauldwell Avenue and East 158 Street in Melrose, near the Grove Hill Playground and P.S. 157, as reported by the … Read more

Violence Spike: SEPTA Bus Riders Targeted in Philly Shootings Amid Gun Violence Crisis

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Gun violence in Philadelphia escalated in recent days with a series of deadly shootings, including the killing of an 88-year-old man identified as Richard Butler, a retired SEPTA bus driver. The incident, which occurred in broad daylight on North Dewey Street in West Philadelphia, left Butler shot twice in the chest while … Read more

Gay Man Allegedly Targeted in Fatal Tampa Shooting as Accused Shooter Claims Self-Defense

TAMPA, Fla. – A community in Tampa, Florida, is seeking justice for John Walter Lay, known as “Walt,” who was fatally shot at West Dog Park on Feb. 2. While the accused shooter, Gerald Declan Radford, claims self-defense, friends of Lay allege that he was targeted because of his sexual orientation. Lay’s friends are adamant … Read more

Brother Killed in Targeted Hit-and-Run Incident Involving Wanted Man

TAMPA, FLORIDA – Authorities are on the lookout for a man in connection with a deliberate hit-and-run incident that resulted in the death of his own brother. The tragic event unfolded in the streets of Tampa, Florida, leaving the community in shock and disbelief. The suspect, whose identity has not been disclosed at this time, … Read more

Targeted Shooting in San Diego Claims Life of 43-Year-Old Man

SAN DIEGO, California – The recent shooting in East Village has left the city in shock as a 43-year-old man, identified as San Diego resident Ali Jabbar, was tragically killed. The incident took place at around 3:05 p.m. on Sunday when Jabbar was walking with a group on 16th Street near Market Street. An unknown … Read more