**Parade Terror** Kansas City Chiefs rally shooter leaves one dead, 22 wounded

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The aftermath of the Kansas City Chiefs parade and rally shooting at Union Station on Wednesday has left the city reeling. The incident resulted in the tragic death of one woman and left at least 22 others with gunshot wounds. Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves confirmed that three individuals were … Read more

Target Shooter Terror: Inside the Response to a Deadly Incident in Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. – A year ago, a harrowing incident unfolded at a west Omaha Target store during the lunch hour. On January 31, 2023, a man in his 30s entered the store near 180th Street and West Center Road, armed with an AR-15-style rifle and 13 loaded magazines of ammunition. Chaos erupted as he fired … Read more

Europe Warned of Impending Hamas Terror Attacks by Israeli Security

TEL AVIV, Israel – Israeli security authorities have disclosed that Hamas is actively plotting terror attacks in various regions including the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. According to Mossad, the Israel security agency, and the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), there is substantial evidence indicating Hamas’ efforts to expand its violent activities outside its usual operating … Read more

Caravan Night of Terror: Life Sentences for Sian Hedges and Jack Benham in Toddler Murder Case

Hernhill, Kent – A tragic case has come to a close as the mother of an 18-month-old boy and her former partner have been given life sentences for his murder. The toddler, Alfie Phillips, suffered 70 injuries to his body, including a “myriad of bruises” and broken ribs, arms, and legs, in what prosecutors described … Read more

Terror: Ecuadorian TV Network Staff ‘Hunted Down’ by Armed Gang

GUAYAQUIL, ECUADOR – During a live TV broadcast on the TC Television network, armed masked men barged onto the set, causing panic and fear among the staff. Journalist Alina Manrique shared her harrowing experience, recounting how she feared she “wouldn’t see her children again” when the armed gang entered the building. The men, wielding guns … Read more

Samaria Terror Shooting Claims Life of Israeli Citizen

An Israeli man was killed in a terror shooting in Samaria, marking a tragic incident in the ongoing conflict in the region. The shooting took place in a residential area, highlighting the vulnerability of civilians in the area. The victim’s identity has not been released, but the incident has drawn attention to the escalating tensions … Read more

Terror Attack at Soleimani Burial Site Shakes Iran- Dozens Killed in Twin Blasts Triggered by MO Suggesting Terrorism

KERMAN, Iran — Dozens of people were killed in the Iranian city of Kerman on Wednesday after twin blasts near the burial site of slain military commander Qasem Soleimani, in what officials called a terror attack. The blasts, at least one of which was caused by a bomb, state TV said, came on the fourth … Read more

Terror Attack in Iran: At least 103 Killed in Twin Blasts Near Soleimani Burial Site

Kerman, Iran – At least 103 people were killed and 188 were injured in the Iranian city of Kerman on Wednesday after twin blasts near the burial site of Qasem Soleimani, a slain military commander. Officials have referred to the incident as a terror attack. The explosions, one of which was caused by a bomb, … Read more

Child Snatcher Robert Black Caught Red-Handed in 1990 – Saved Victim’s Life and Ends Reign of Terror

PORTADOWN, NORTHERN IRELAND – In 1990, Robert Black, infamously known as the child snatcher, was apprehended by the police after kidnapping and abusing a young girl in the back of his delivery van. His reign of terror came to a halt, thanks to a wrong turn that led to his capture and the rescue of … Read more

Stream Happy Face Killer via Hulu: True Crime Movie Based on Infamous Serial Killer’s Reign of Terror

Portland, Oregon – True crime enthusiasts who are fans of serial killer documentaries are in for a treat with the movie Happy Face Killer. The film, directed by Rick Bota, delves into the terrifying story of a serial killer who took the lives of at least eight women, sparking a nationwide manhunt that ultimately led … Read more