Disturbing Video Captures Violent Attack at Omaha Store stated in KETV Crime Stoppers Alert

Omaha, Nebraska – A disturbing video captured a violent attack at a Mega Saver in Omaha. The incident, which took place on February 16th, involved a woman accompanied by a young child who was pleading for the violence to stop. The altercation began innocently as the woman entered the store with the child, seeking an … Read more

Teesside Crime Crackdown: Drug Dealers, Arsonist, and Violent Offenders Brought to Justice in Recent Court Cases

Teesside, England – Recent court cases in Teesside have shed light on the ongoing battle against crime in the region, as individuals involved in drug trafficking, violent assaults, and arson have been brought to justice. Throughout the month of February, the courts handed down sentences to those found guilty of various offenses, ranging from serious … Read more

Violent Attack Near East Orange Middle School Leaves Two Girls Injured and Authorities Investigating

East Orange, New Jersey – An investigation is underway by school officials and local police in East Orange following a violent attack near Patrick F. Healy Middle School that left two girls injured. The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon on Hamilton Street in the 90’s block, shortly after school dismissal. According to reports from the … Read more

**Violent attack caught on bodycam of traffic warden issuing ticket** – Wales Online’s shocking footage captured incident

Cardiff, Wales – A traffic warden in Cardiff, Wales found themselves in a violent encounter while issuing a parking ticket, as captured on bodycam footage. The incident shed light on the dangers faced by parking enforcement officers in their line of work. In the video, the traffic warden can be seen issuing a ticket when … Read more

Violent Attack Near Market Square Leaves Victim Bruised and Unconscious – Suspect Wanted for Aggravated Assault

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania – A disturbing incident unfolded near Pittsburgh’s Market Square, where a violent attack was captured on video last week. The footage depicted multiple individuals assaulting a man on the pavement, with David Rivera allegedly kicking the victim in the face, leading to a warrant for his arrest on charges of aggravated assault. Upon … Read more

Attack: Shocking moment traffic warden thrown to the ground in violent street assault

London, United Kingdom – A shocking incident unfolded on the streets of London as a traffic warden was violently attacked and thrown to the ground. The disturbing scene was captured on video and has since sparked outrage among viewers. In the footage, the traffic warden can be seen approaching a vehicle parked in a restricted … Read more

Justice Demanded for Londis Chesham Bois Owner After Violent Axe Attack

Chesham Bois, a peaceful village in Buckinghamshire, is reeling from a violent incident that has left the community in shock. Harpal Singh, the owner of the Londis convenience store, was attacked by robbers, leading to an outpouring of support and demands for justice. Siddharth Maheshwari, a concerned resident, took action by starting a Change.org petition … Read more

Assault at Margate Pub Forces Elderly Landlord to Retire After Violent Attack

Margate, Florida – In a disturbing incident at Lesters pub, a brutal assault by three intoxicated patrons has led to the retirement of veteran landlord Barry Holmes, 78, and his wife Susan after 13 years of running the establishment. The violent attack resulted in Holmes sustaining a broken arm that required surgery, prompting the couple … Read more

Socialist Equality Party Gains Global Support Against Pro-Government Thugs After Violent Attack at Sri Lanka University

Moratuwa, Sri Lanka – The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) in Sri Lanka has garnered worldwide support for its opposition to a violent attack on its members at Moratuwa University by pro-government thugs. Dehin Wasantha and Lakshman Fernando, both members of SEP, were physically assaulted by the president and secretary of the Moratuwa university branch of … Read more

Violent Assault Case: Man Denied Bail After Trying to Withdraw Guilty Plea

Minneapolis, Minnesota – A man who admitted to a brutal attack on his partner, described by a judge as a shocking display of violence, is seeking to retract his guilty plea while remaining incarcerated. Wayne William Joseph Becks, 40, had pleaded guilty to charges of assault and assault causing bodily harm back in October. An … Read more