“The Exorcist: Believer” Revisits Cursed Film Set and Spooky Incidents

New York City – With the release of “The Exorcist: Believer” this weekend, filmgoers are set to witness a new chapter in the terrifying saga of young, possessed girls. While shocking and horrifying scenes have been a signature of “The Exorcist” franchise, no reports are expected of audience members fainting, vomiting, or fleeing theaters in … Read more

Record Breaking: Over 4,000 Antisemitic Incidents Reported in the UK in 2023, with 589% Rise Since 2022

LONDON, UK – A Jewish charity in the UK reported a staggering 4,103 antisemitic incidents in 2023, marking a 589% increase compared to 2022 and more than double the previous all-time high. The Community Security Trust (CST) pointed to the surge in antisemitism following the Hamas attacks on 7 October as a significant factor in … Read more

Record 4,103 Antisemitic Incidents in UK for 2023, Double Previous High

London, UK – The number of antisemitic incidents in the UK has reached a new high, almost doubling the previous record, according to a charity that monitors antisemitism. The Community Security Trust reported a staggering 4,103 incidents in the past year, attributing the rise to the sheer volume of incidents following the Hamas attacks in … Read more

Denver Police Department Conducting Multiple Death Investigations Following Weekend Incidents

DENVER, CO – The Denver Police Department is currently conducting multiple death investigations into separate incidents that occurred over the weekend. One investigation is taking place on North Pearl Street near East Ellsworth Avenue, with another investigation underway in the 900 block of North Sheridan Boulevard. A third investigation has been launched near the 2000 … Read more

Alabama Department of Corrections Facilities Experience Multiple Incidents in a Single Day

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Several incidents occurred in Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) facilities on Monday, including multiple deaths, an attempted suicide, and an escape by an incarcerated individual. At Staton Correctional Facility, Jordan Thomas, a convicted murderer, escaped from prison and an individual named Keith Holley died. Holley, who was diabetic and had his leg … Read more

Security Campaign Launched After String of Incidents Outside Brooklyn Mirage

NEW YORK, NY – A group of clubbers in Brooklyn, New York have launched a campaign for increased security outside the Brooklyn Mirage club, following two deaths and an alleged kidnapping of individuals leaving the venue. The incidents, which occurred over the span of several weeks, have sparked speculation on social media about potential connections. … Read more

Crime Wave Hits London: Multiple Fatalities and Arrests Reported in Terrifying Series of Incidents

London, England – London was struck by a series of violent incidents on January 9, leaving the city in shock after several deadly attacks occurred. Throughout the day, three people lost their lives, and many more were injured across various locations within the city. Emergency services, including the British Transport Police, London’s Air Ambulance, Metropolitan … Read more

Political Candidates Murdered in Separate Incidents Spark Fear Ahead of Election Day

CUAUTLA, Morelos – Three men with aspirations to run for political office in upcoming municipal and state elections in Mexico were brutally murdered in separate incidents in the first week of January. These targeted attacks have raised concerns about the safety of political candidates and the potential for violence in the lead-up to the elections … Read more

Courtroom Safety Concerns Addressed by Houston Area Judges Amid Rising Incidents of Violence

Houston, Texas – A recent attack on a Nevada judge has sparked concerns about courtroom safety, prompting Harris County judges to address the issue. The attacker is now facing additional charges, and the judge and a courtroom marshal sustained injuries during the incident. The attack has brought back memories of a tragic event in 2017 … Read more

Crime Wave: Shocking Incidents in India in 2023 leave Nation in Disbelief

Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh – As 2023 comes to a close, India reflects on the year’s triumphs and tragedies. Sadly, the country has been marred by a series of horrific crimes that have shocked the nation. From heart-wrenching murders to brutal assaults, these incidents have raised serious concerns about the safety and security of the people. … Read more