Gaza Health Crisis: Aid Groups Warn of Potential ‘Explosion in Preventable Child Deaths’

In Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, the Israeli military’s ongoing bombardment since October has created a humanitarian crisis, with aid groups warning of potential preventable child deaths due to severe food poverty and lack of access to medical care at Nasser Hospital. The conflict, now the deadliest between Israel and Gaza, shows no signs of letting … Read more

Humanitarian Crisis Unfolds in Besieged Gaza as Child Deaths Surge Due to Lack of Food and Disease Spread

GAZA CITY, Palestine – The Gaza Strip is in the midst of a dire humanitarian crisis as the ongoing conflict with Israel has led to a surge in child deaths and a severe lack of food and medical resources. Multiple UN agencies have issued a stark warning about the alarming levels of malnutrition, infectious diseases, … Read more

Malnutrition Crisis in Gaza: UN Agencies Sound Alarm Over Child Health Threats

GAZA CITY, GAZA STRIP – The UN’s children agency, World Health Organization (WHO), and World Food Programme are raising alarms following the release of a new report on malnutrition in Gaza. UNICEF Deputy Executive Director for Humanitarian Action Ted Chaiban expressed concern about the looming nutrition crisis in the Gaza Strip, warning of a potential … Read more

Child Witness to Violent KFC Shooting in Gasparillo as Suspect Flees

GASPARILLO, Trinidad and Tobago – A shocking incident at a KFC restaurant in Gasparillo, Trinidad and Tobago, left 31-year-old Luka Goring dead after a violent stabbing and fatal shooting on Friday evening. The disturbing scene was witnessed by an unsupervised child, who anxiously paced at the service counter while a lone security guard tried to … Read more

***Houston Off-duty Officers Thwart Attack at Lakewood Church by Female Gunman with Child***

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Two off-duty law enforcement officers in Houston apprehended a woman who opened fire on Sunday at Lakewood Church, one of the largest evangelical churches in the US, led by televangelist Joel Osteen, police said. The woman, identified as 36-year-old Genesse Moreno, entered the megachurch shortly before 2 pmĀ local time, armed with a … Read more

Indian-Made Cough Syrups Linked to Multiple Child Deaths in The Gambia Prompt Historic Court Battle Against Negligence

BANJUL, The Gambia – Ebrima Sagnia’s heart aches as he recalls the joyful moments of his little son playing around their home in The Gambia’s capital. The memories of his son, Lamin, bring both pain and grief, as he tragically fell victim to substandard cough syrups imported from India, causing the deaths of at least … Read more

Government Oversight of Child in Fatal Abuse Case in Question: What’s the Truth Surrounding State Involvement?

Wahiawa, Hawaii – The tragic and horrifying case of 10-year-old Geanna Bradley, who was found dead in her Wahiawa home, has shaken the community. Honolulu police have arrested her legal guardians, Thomas and Brandy Blas, along with Brandy Blas’ mother, on charges of second-degree murder, kidnapping, and unlawful imprisonment. This chilling case raises questions about … Read more

Lakewood Church Attacker Killed in Shooting at Pastor Joel Osteen’s Megachurch, Child Hospitalized

Houston, Texas – A woman opened fire inside the megachurch of pastor Joel Osteen on Sunday, claiming she had a bomb before being killed by off-duty officers. The incident left a young child hospitalized in critical condition after being struck by gunfire. Houston Police Chief Troy Finner stated that the woman’s motive for the attack … Read more

Convicted Sex Offender Allegedly Commits Violent Attack on Child in Point/Plover

A 42-year-old man from Stevens Point, Wisconsin has been accused of a violent attack on a child. The man, who is a convicted sex offender, allegedly assaulted the child in his home. According to police reports, the incident occurred on Monday evening. The child’s parents reported the attack to the police, and the man was … Read more

Gun Owners to Be Held Accountable: Advocacy for Child Gun Use in Crime Legislation Gains Traction

RICHMOND, Va. – A bill to hold parents accountable if a minor uses their gun in a crime has advanced in the Virginia State Senate, moving one step closer to becoming state law. The bill, known as SB 44 and authored by State Senator Schuyler VanValkenburg, aims to charge parents with a felony if their … Read more