Fireworks Caused Mysterious Booms in Fort Worth and Tarrant County

Fort Worth, Texas – Reports of loud noises heard in Fort Worth and surrounding areas of Tarrant County on Wednesday night were attributed to a private fireworks show. The North Hi Mount neighborhood shared a message from Fort Worth City Council member Macy Hill, District 7, stating that the show had been permitted and would … Read more

Explosion Investigation Update: Fort Worth Businesses Receive $250,000 Relief Fund

Fort Worth, Texas – Emergency officials in Fort Worth are still investigating the cause of the explosion at the Sandman Signature Hotel that injured 21 people in January. The blast has left a lasting impact on the downtown area, with barricades and chain-link fences still blocking off West 8th Street. Business owners in the area … Read more

Explosion aftermath: Fort Worth’s support for businesses impacted by Sandman Hotel blast

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – The city of Fort Worth is stepping in to assist businesses impacted by the recent explosion at the Sandman Hotel. The blast, which occurred in the early hours of the morning, left many establishments in the surrounding area damaged and struggling to recover. City officials have mobilized resources to provide support … Read more

Disaster Recovery Stimulus Program Provides $250,000 for Fort Worth Businesses Impacted by Hotel Explosion

Fort Worth, Texas – Two months after the explosion at the Sandman Signature Fort Worth Downtown Hotel, surrounding businesses affected by the blast are receiving assistance from the city of Fort Worth. The Fort Worth Local Development Corp. recently approved $250,000 in funding for a small business disaster recovery stimulus program. This program aims to … Read more

Recovery Funds Available for Downtown Fort Worth Businesses Impacted by Sandman Hotel Explosion

Fort Worth, Texas – Nearly two months after the explosion at the Sandman Signature Hotel in downtown Fort Worth, businesses in the vicinity may soon receive assistance from the city. The blast on January 8th injured nearly two dozen people, causing damage to nearby structures and disrupting normal operations. In response to the impact on … Read more

Grants Approved for Fort Worth Businesses Affected by Hotel Blast – Find Out How Much they’ll Receive

Fort Worth, Texas – In response to the recent hotel explosion in Fort Worth, the city has approved grants to aid businesses impacted by the incident. The blast, which caused significant damage to surrounding establishments, prompted city officials to take action to support those affected. Businesses located near the site of the explosion will receive … Read more

Fentanyl Supplier Charged with Murder in Fort Worth Overdose Case

Fort Worth, Texas – A man faces charges of murder in connection with the fentanyl-related death of a young man in Fort Worth. The individual, identified as 21-year-old Ramiro Limon, was charged with murder under the new fentanyl murder statute passed as HB 6 in Texas in May 2023. The tragic incident prompted the grieving … Read more

Suspect in Crockett Street Shooting Surrenders to Fort Worth Authorities

Fort Worth, Texas – A suspect in the fatal shooting on Crockett Street has surrendered to authorities in Fort Worth. The individual turned themselves in on Monday, following the incident that resulted in the death of a victim on the city’s Crockett Street. The shooting took place at a location in Fort Worth, leading to … Read more

Charges Filed in Fentanyl Overdose Death in Fort Worth- Justice Served

Fort Worth, Texas – Murder charges have been filed in connection with a fentanyl overdose death that occurred in Fort Worth last November. The charges bring a sense of closure to the tragic event that shook the local community and highlighted the dangers of opioid abuse. The victim, whose identity has not been disclosed, tragically … Read more

Suspect at Large After Fatal Shooting on Crockett Street in West 7th Area, Fort Worth Police Investigate

Fort Worth, Texas – Authorities are investigating a deadly shooting incident that occurred on Crockett Street in the West 7th area of Fort Worth. A man was found shot and killed, prompting Fort Worth police to launch a search for the suspect responsible for the crime. The shooting took place in the early hours of … Read more