Family and Advocates Demand Reform After Repeat Incidents at Mental Health Facility

Hamilton, New Zealand – A coroner’s inquiry into the suicide of Joe Carter, a resident at the Henry Rongomau Bennett Centre at Waikato Hospital, has sharply criticized the mental health care system, revealing a series of systemic failures that may have contributed to his despair. Carter, 35, took his own life on August 25, 2019, … Read more

Former TV Star Orpheus Pledger Pleads Guilty to Violent Assault Amid Mental Health Struggles and Systemic Delays

Melbourne, Australia — Orpheus Pledger, formerly known for his role on the popular television show “Home and Away,” has confessed to a violent attack on a woman in Melbourne earlier this year. Pledger, 31, attended his court hearing via video link from custody after a breach of bail conditions in April. The distressing incident occurred … Read more

Deaths Spark Urgent Review at Mental Health Unit

Minneapolis, Minnesota – A review has been prompted after the unfortunate deaths of three individuals at a mental health unit in the region. This incident has raised concerns and questions about the quality of care and safety protocols within such facilities. The three deaths occurred within a short span of time, sparking an investigation into … Read more

Review initiated after tragic deaths at mental health unit in Redland City

Redland City, Australia – A recent tragedy at a mental health unit in Redland City, Australia has prompted a thorough review of the facility’s procedures and protocols. The untimely deaths of three individuals within the unit have raised significant concerns within the community and sparked calls for transparency and accountability. The incidents, occurring at a … Read more

Brisbane Hospital’s Mental Health Unit Under Independent Review After Multiple Deaths

Brisbane, Australia – The recent spate of deaths at a mental health unit in Brisbane’s Prince Charles Hospital has prompted an independent examination into the circumstances surrounding these tragic incidents. Health Minister Shannon Fentiman confirmed the ongoing review following the unfortunate suicides of three individuals within the last 16 months at the facility. This situation … Read more

Mental Health Unit Deaths Prompt Independent Examination in Brisbane

Brisbane, Australia – Following several tragic deaths at a mental health unit in Prince Charles Hospital, an independent examination will be conducted to address the concerning incidents. Health Minister Shannon Fentiman acknowledged the need for a review after three individuals died by suicide at the facility within the last 16 months, with two other patients … Read more

Safety Failure Leads to Repeat Violation at Florida Mental Health Facilities

Melbourne, Florida – The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has taken action against Circles of Care Inc., a company operating multiple psychiatric and rehabilitation facilities, for the third time in five years. This comes after workers were either killed or seriously injured in violent patient attacks. OSHA has cited the company for a … Read more

Mental Illness Linked to Colorado Supermarket Shooting Suspect’s Legal Sanity

BOULDER, Colo. – The man accused of the mass shooting that left 10 dead at a Colorado supermarket in 2021 was found to have untreated mental illness, according to state experts. While the details of the sanity evaluation of Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa conducted at the state mental hospital remain private, the findings were discussed … Read more

Adolescents Face Mental Health Crisis: Data Shows Significant Increase in Anxiety and Depression Rates

In Washington, DC, a National State of Emergency has been declared due to the escalating mental health concerns among adolescents in the United States. Following this declaration, there have been advisories from the U.S. Surgeon General in 2021 and 2023, highlighting the urgent need to address the mental health crisis affecting children and teenagers. With … Read more

Mental Illness Data Gap Hinders Global Progress: Study Shows Wide Disparities in Prevalence Reporting

Washington, D.C. – Many countries lack data on the prevalence of mental illnesses in their populations, leading to wide uncertainties in global estimates and hindering access to necessary help for many individuals. A recent study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) reveals the stark disparities in available data on mental health conditions … Read more