String of Violent Chicago Robberies Leaves Woman Traumatized and Injured on North and Northwest Sides

Chicago, Illinois – A Chicago woman is still recovering from a violent attack that police believe is part of a series of robberies on the city’s North and Northwest sides. The victim, identified only as Kat, was walking to work one Friday morning when she was targeted by assailants. She described feeling a tug at … Read more

NYC Subway System Plagued by String of Violent Attacks Triggering Concern for Rider Safety

NEW YORK, NY – A recent spate of violent attacks in the city’s transit system has raised concerns about subway safety and left commuters on edge. In just one week, multiple incidents of assault and even a fatal shooting have occurred in the busy transit hub, prompting heightened security measures and public unease. The string … Read more

**Kerala’s Wayanad District In Turmoil After String of Fatal Wild Animal Attacks**

WAYANAD, India – Political parties in Kerala’s Wayanad district called for a dawn-to-dusk hartal on Saturday to demand a lasting solution to the increasing threat from wild animals, which took a violent turn in Pulpally, 30 km from the district headquarters of Kalpetta. The strike was called by the Congress-led United Democratic Front, the Left … Read more

Oregon Serial Killer: Person of Interest Identified in String of Women’s Deaths

Authorities in Oregon have confirmed that the deaths of four women, whose bodies were found in wooded areas in the north-western part of the state, are linked. The police have also identified “at least one person of interest” in connection to the case, raising fears of a potential serial killer in the region. The discovery … Read more

Security Campaign Launched After String of Incidents Outside Brooklyn Mirage

NEW YORK, NY – A group of clubbers in Brooklyn, New York have launched a campaign for increased security outside the Brooklyn Mirage club, following two deaths and an alleged kidnapping of individuals leaving the venue. The incidents, which occurred over the span of several weeks, have sparked speculation on social media about potential connections. … Read more

Denver Officials Suspect Drug Overdoses in Connection to String of Outdoor Deaths

Denver, Colorado – Officials in Denver are investigating a string of deaths that occurred outdoors and may be linked to drug overdoses rather than the bitter cold weather. Over the past week, five incidents resulted in deaths not classified as homicides, according to the Denver Police Department. While the Office of the Medical Examiner has … Read more

Suspected Texas Serial Killer Warns Police: “I Think You are Looking for Me,” Arrested for String of Murders

AUSTIN, Texas – Suspected serial killer Raul Meza Jr. has been arrested for the alleged murders of Gloria Lofton, 65, in 2019, and former probation officer Jesse Fraga, 80, in 2023. Meza called police last May to confess, and authorities suspect he may be linked to as many as 10 other homicides in Texas. Since … Read more

Grey Bruce Line Theft Spree: Help Needed to Solve String of Vehicle Thefts

CHATSWORTH TOWNSHIP, Ontario – Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce and the Grey Bruce OPP are asking for the public’s assistance in solving a series of vehicle thefts. Five vehicles were reported stolen from a property along the Grey Bruce Line in Chatsworth Township on two separate occasions in December 2023. Two of the stolen vehicles … Read more

Fatal Crash on I-435 Linked to String of Armed Robberies in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two individuals have died in a tragic collision on northbound Interstate 435, which the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department has linked to a series of armed robberies that took place overnight. Early Tuesday morning, I-435 at 210 Highway was shut down for several hours as investigators examined the deadly crash. According … Read more