Death Penalty Considered for Man Who Ordered Murder from Behind Bars in Miami Love Triangle Case

Miami Lakes, FL — A tragic escalation of a romantic dispute has culminated in a grim courtroom battle, where Ysrael Granda faces a possible death sentence after being convicted of orchestrating the murder of his girlfriend’s new partner, Jose Soto, directly from his jail cell. In April, a jury delivered a guilty verdict against Granda … Read more

Bars Behind: Violent Attack and Shooting Suspect Captured and Detained

San Antonio, Texas – A suspect linked to a violent attack and shooting has been apprehended and is now in police custody in San Antonio, Texas. This individual allegedly engaged in troubling behavior, prompting a swift response from law enforcement. The arrest comes after a series of incidents involving the suspect, leading to a heightened … Read more

Behind Bars: Family Seeks Justice for Woman Killed in DeKalb County

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga – A 35-year-old woman was tragically shot and killed last week in DeKalb County. The victim, identified as Jalisa Abney, was known to the suspect. Now, her grieving family is adamant about seeking justice and seeing the perpetrator arrested. Abney was described as a hardworking individual who held multiple businesses, including a … Read more

Arkansas Mother Continues Push for Justice as Alleged Killer is Back Behind Bars

Pine Bluff, Arkansas – An Arkansas mother continues her fight for justice as the man accused of her daughter’s murder is once again in custody. Donovan Cuthbertson, the suspect in the killing of 33-year-old Racheal Crouch in Pine Bluff, was apprehended in the Dollarway area of Pine Bluff, according to the Pine Bluff Police Department’s … Read more

Attackers Behind Bars: Four Individuals Convicted for Violent Assault

Loughton, United Kingdom – Four individuals have been found guilty of a violent attack in Loughton, a town in the United Kingdom. The attack took place in a residential area, where the perpetrators assaulted a victim with extreme force. The incident left the victim with severe injuries, prompting law enforcement to take action. The convicted … Read more

Prison Suicide: Man Who Shot at Cars Along Beeline Highway Dies Behind Bars

TUCSON, Ariz. – A man who was serving a 30-year prison sentence for shooting at cars along the Beeline Highway in 2016 has tragically passed away while in custody. The Arizona Department of Corrections Rehabilitation & Reentry has confirmed that James Walker, 44, took his own life at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Tucson. … Read more

Ex-NFL Giant Chad Wheeler Sentenced to 6.75 Years Behind Bars for Assault on Girlfriend

Seattle, Washington – Former NFL offensive linesman Chad Wheeler has been sentenced to 81 months in prison, equivalent to 6.75 years, following a brutal attack on his girlfriend in November 2021. Wheeler, who previously played for the New York Giants, was convicted of first-degree assault domestic violence for the incident that left his girlfriend, Alleah … Read more

Parole Petition: Family Fights to Keep Convicted Killer Behind Bars

COVINGTON, Ky. — A convicted murderer in Kentucky is up for parole, causing distress among the family of the victim and the community. Gregory Wilson was found guilty of the kidnapping, rape, and murder of 36-year-old Deborah Pooley in 1988, and sentenced to death. However, in 2019, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin commuted Wilson’s sentence to … Read more

Explosion aftermath: Thai restaurant and bars reopen in Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas- Thai restaurant and bars have finally reopened after an explosion occurred Wednesday, causing damage to several businesses in the area. The incident led to a nearby neighborhood being evacuated as a safety precaution. The owner of the Thai restaurant expressed relief that no one was injured in the explosion and thanked the … Read more

Serial Killer Robert Mawdsley Celebrates a Record-Breaking 50th Christmas Behind Bars

A British serial killer has set a record by spending his 50th Christmas behind bars. 70-year-old Robert Mawdsley has been in solitary confinement for approximately 45 years, believed to be a world record. Mawdsley, also known as ‘Hannibal the Cannibal’, has been incarcerated since 1974, having been jailed at the young age of 21. The … Read more