Arrested: Oshawa man faces charges after assaulting girlfriend

Oshawa, Ontario – A man in Oshawa, Ontario has been taken into custody following an alleged assault on his girlfriend. The incident took place at the couple’s residence, where neighbors reported hearing a disturbance and contacted the authorities. Law enforcement officials arrived at the scene and arrested the suspect, who has not been named publicly. … Read more

Violent Assault: Parolee Arrested for Attacking Girlfriend in Oshawa

Durham, Ontario – Authorities in Durham have apprehended a man on parole for manslaughter following a disturbing incident of alleged domestic violence. The 33-year-old suspect from Oshawa is accused of assaulting and choking his girlfriend after hiding in her car without her knowledge. Fortunately, the victim managed to break free and call for help, prompting … Read more

Refugee Charged with Honor Killing Pregnant Girlfriend to Avoid Shame in Sweden

Örebro, Sweden – A young Somalian refugee, Mohamedamin Abdirisek Ibrahim, faces murder charges after allegedly killing his seven-month pregnant Swedish girlfriend to avoid the shame of introducing her to his strict Muslim family. The tragic incident took place inside the victim’s home in Örebro, a city located two hours from Stockholm, as reported by a … Read more

Attack: Man Sentenced for Brutal Assault on Girlfriend in Unprovoked Outburst

Jacksonville, Florida – A man was recently sentenced for a brutal unprovoked attack on his girlfriend, displaying a shocking level of violence and aggression. The incident occurred in a residential area of Jacksonville, Florida, where the man physically assaulted his partner without any apparent reason. This alarming case sheds light on the prevalence of domestic … Read more

Attack: Businessman sentenced after assaulting girlfriend in penthouse glamorized lifestyle

A businessman from Hull, England was sentenced to jail for a brutal attack on his girlfriend at their penthouse. The incident, which occurred in 2019, resulted in the man assaulting his partner in a violent manner. The court heard how the entrepreneur had subjected his girlfriend to a harrowing experience, causing her serious injuries. The … Read more

Murder-Suicide Tragedy Strikes Queens Home: Man Shoots Girlfriend in Head Before Turning Gun on Himself

Jamaica, Queens, New York – A tragic incident unfolded when a 38-year-old man, identified as Joseph Murphy, shot his girlfriend, Kenisha Mirrison, in the head before taking his own life in an apparent murder-suicide, as reported by authorities on Saturday. The grim discovery was made by police responding to a 911 call reporting a shooting … Read more

Execution: Georgia Man Faces Death for Murder of Former Girlfriend

Atlanta, Georgia – A Georgia man, Willie James Pye, is scheduled to be executed Wednesday evening for the kidnapping, murder, and rape of his former girlfriend, Alicia Lynn Yarbrough. Pye, 59, was convicted in 1996 and is set to be put to death using pentobarbital at 7 p.m. local time, making him the first person … Read more

Kidnapped and Killed: Former Pro Basketball Player’s Alleged Role in Las Vegas Murder Plot
involving Ex-NBA G-Leaguer and Girlfriend Led to Death of 23-year-old Woman

Las Vegas, Nevada – A disturbing case unfolded in Las Vegas, revealing the tragic final moments of 23-year-old Marayna Rodgers before her alleged kidnapping and murder by former pro basketball player Chance Comanche and his girlfriend Sakari Harnden. Comanche, a 27-year-old former NBA G-League player connected to the Stockton Kings, now faces serious charges of … Read more

Murderous Man Sentenced to 50 Years for Killing Girlfriend in Colorado Mills Parking Lot

Jefferson County, Colorado – A man was sentenced to over 50 years in prison on Friday for the murder of his girlfriend, Laila Combes, who was found dead in a car parked outside a restaurant at Colorado Mills in March. Cole Lewis pleaded guilty earlier this year to second-degree murder and second-degree assault in the … Read more

Ex-NFL Giant Chad Wheeler Sentenced to 6.75 Years Behind Bars for Assault on Girlfriend

Seattle, Washington – Former NFL offensive linesman Chad Wheeler has been sentenced to 81 months in prison, equivalent to 6.75 years, following a brutal attack on his girlfriend in November 2021. Wheeler, who previously played for the New York Giants, was convicted of first-degree assault domestic violence for the incident that left his girlfriend, Alleah … Read more