Surfers Murdered in Mexico Confessed by Arrested Man to Girlfriend: Court Testimony Shows

Los Angeles – A suspect arrested in connection with the murders of two Australian brothers and their American friend while on a surfing trip in Mexico has allegedly confessed to the crime to his girlfriend, according to court testimony. Jesús Gerardo Garcia Cota reportedly admitted to his girlfriend Ari Gisel Garcia Cota that he was responsible for the deaths of the three surfers, stating “I killed them.”

Garcia Cota’s shocking confession came the day after the surfers, Callum Robinson, Jake Robinson, and Jack Carter Rhoad, were last seen alive. The trio went missing during a camping and surfing trip along the coast south of Ensenada. Mexican prosecutors believe the men were killed while trying to fight off the suspects.

The bodies of the three men were discovered in a remote well about 50 feet deep in a hillside area near Ensenada. Authorities had previously stated that the surfers were likely targeted because of the tires on their truck, which were later found in Garcia Cota’s girlfriend’s car.

Garcia Cota, along with his girlfriend and his brother Cristian Alejandro, were all arrested in connection with the murders. The state prosecutor’s office has indicated that Garcia Cota will face charges for “disappearance committed by private individuals,” with additional homicide charges expected to follow. Other suspects are also being held in custody on drug charges, with the prosecution gathering evidence to bring charges against them as well.

In a tragic parallel to this case, in 2015, two Australian surfers were killed in western Sinaloa state, highlighting the dangers that travelers may face in certain areas of Mexico. The country remains a popular tourist destination, with millions of visitors, including many Americans, flocking to its resorts every year.

The brutal murders of the surfers have shocked both local residents and the international community, raising concerns about safety and security for tourists in Mexico. Authorities are working diligently to hold the perpetrators accountable and ensure justice for the victims and their families.