Endangered Rock Iguanas on Sister Islands Face Increased Threat from Road Kills & Speeding Drivers

Little Cayman, a small island in the Cayman Islands, experienced another tragic loss last week with the death of a pregnant rock iguana, reigniting concerns for the survival of the endangered species on the Sister Islands. The iguana’s death marked the ninth casualty this year on Little Cayman roads, a troubling trend with six fatalities … Read more

Taxi Drivers in Hobart Left Shaken After Violent Nighttime Attack

HOBART, Tasmania – Recent violent attacks on taxi drivers in Hobart have left the local driver community reeling and concerned for their safety. Police are currently investigating an incident in Lutana where several drivers were targeted by a group of youths in the darkness of night. According to reports, the young offenders allegedly smashed the … Read more

Report: Disabled Drivers Association Proposes Anonymous System to Identify Illegally Parked Motorists

Dublin, Ireland – The Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI) is advocating for a new system that would allow disabled drivers to report motorists who illegally park in disabled bays anonymously. The proposal aims to address the fear of physical and verbal abuse that often deters disabled drivers from confronting those who flout parking regulations … Read more

Taxi Drivers Clash Over Ridesharing Apps in Morocco’s Transportation Industry

Casablanca, Morocco – Taxi drivers in Morocco are facing a clash with the rise of ridesharing apps in the country. Despite the increasing popularity of apps like Uber and Careem among consumers, taxi drivers are rejecting the presence of these services, leading to ongoing tensions on the streets of Moroccan cities. The rejection of ridesharing … Read more

Delivery Drivers Demand Better Safety Measures After Murder by Parcel Thief

Cardiff, Wales – The daughters of a murdered parcel delivery driver are advocating for improved safety measures to protect delivery drivers after their father was tragically killed in March 2023. Cara and Elena Lang witnessed Christopher El Gifari being sentenced to life in prison for Mark Lang’s murder, which occurred during a violent theft of … Read more

**URGENT:** Norfolk DA Needs Dashcam Footage from Drivers in I-95 Shooting

NORFOLK, MASSACHUSETTS – The Norfolk District Attorney’s Office is actively seeking dashcam or any other relevant footage from drivers who were present during the fatal shooting of a 37-year-old man on Interstate 95. The victim, identified as Justin R. Parker, was driving his black Mercedes on the southbound side of I-95 in Foxborough around 10 … Read more

“Cab Driver’s Girlfriend Speaks Out: ‘He was Honest. He was the Man I Loved'” – Heartbreaking Testimony from Southcenter Murder Victim’s Partner

SeaTac, Washington – The girlfriend of a murdered cab driver in Southcenter is speaking out about the tragic loss, emphasizing the victim’s honesty and their love for each other. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, described her boyfriend as a hardworking and honest man. She expressed her devastation over losing him and how he … Read more