Violent CCTV Footage Captures Man Being Punched in City Bar Attack

Nottingham, England – Police in Nottingham are seeking the public’s help in identifying a suspect involved in a violent attack at a city bar. The incident occurred recently and left a man severely injured after being punched by an unknown assailant. The CCTV footage from the bar captured the altercation, showing the perpetrator striking the … Read more

Assault Alert: CCTV Images Released of Men Linked to Violent Attack in Liverpool City Centre

Liverpool, England – Authorities in Liverpool are seeking information from the public after a young man was brutally assaulted by a group of men outside a bar in the city center. The incident, which occurred in the early hours of a Saturday in April, left the victim unconscious and with a fractured jaw that required … Read more

Stabbing Horror Caught on CCTV as Violent Offender Prepares Attack at Pub

Kirkby-in-Ashfield, UK – Surveillance footage capturing the chilling moment a violent offender prepared to stab a man outside a pub has been made public. Tyrone James, who was subsequently imprisoned for the attack, had initially struck another man in the face before carrying out the brutal knife assault. The incident took place in the early … Read more

Assault Accusations: Former Home and Away Star Orpheus Pledger Allegedly Caught on CCTV in Violent Attack

Melbourne, Australia – Former “Home and Away” actor Orpheus Pledger is facing serious accusations of violently assaulting a woman last month in Melbourne. Newly-released CCTV footage allegedly captures the moment of the incident, shedding light on the disturbing nature of the alleged assault. Pledger, who did not attend a bail hearing in court, reportedly left … Read more

Blast Shakes Bengaluru’s Rameshwaram Cafe: CCTV Footage Reveals Terrifying Moments Before Explosion

Bengaluru, India – The investigation into the explosion at Rameshwaram Cafe in Bengaluru is currently ongoing as multiple CCTV videos capturing the moments before the blast have emerged. The incident occurred at one of the popular eateries in the Whitefield area of the IT city, causing panic and injuring nine individuals. In a video shared … Read more

“Murderous” Duo Jailed for Brutally Killing Man in Kingston Captured on CCTV

London, United Kingdom – Two individuals have been sentenced to life in prison for the violent murder of Farhad Khalili in Kingston. CCTV footage linked Sean Deery, 28, and Sebastian Niven, 18, to the brutal assault, which led to their convictions at the Old Bailey in December. The attack took place on December 15, 2021, … Read more

Violent Attack on Prison Guard at HMP Parc Caught on CCTV

BRIDGEND, Wales – A violent attack on a prison guard at HMP Parc in Wales was captured on CCTV, sparking concern over the safety of correctional officers within the facility. The footage shows a prisoner repeatedly punching and kicking the guard, leaving him with severe injuries. The incident has raised questions about the effectiveness of … Read more

Killer Builder Caught on CCTV Whistling and Packing Tools After Murder of Customer

Dudley, England – CCTV footage has captured the chilling image of a killer builder whistling and calmly packing up his tools just minutes after murdering a customer in her own home. The shocking incident took place in July 2023 when 43-year-old Peter Norgrove killed his customer, 58-year-old Sharon Gordon, with a hammer at her residence … Read more

‘Murderous’ Feud: CCTV Captures Playground Shooting in Wolverhampton

Birmingham, England – CCTV footage has played a crucial role in aiding police investigations and court trials, providing essential evidence in high-profile criminal cases. From shootings to stabbings and even petrol attacks, detectives have increasingly relied on surveillance footage to convict perpetrators of serious crimes. The use of CCTV has become so prevalent that it … Read more