Lewiston, Maine Bowling Alley Reopens After Mass Shooting

LEWISTON, Maine – A bowling alley in Lewiston, Maine, that was the site of a mass shooting in the past has reopened its doors. The venue, Just-In-Time Recreation, owned by Justin and Samantha Juray, welcomed patrons on Friday, six months after the tragic incident that claimed 18 lives and injured 13 individuals.

The shooting, carried out by gunman Robert Card, resulted in the deaths of eight people at the bowling alley before he moved on to a nearby bar where he took the lives of 10 more individuals before ending his own life. Despite the horrific events that took place, the community rallied behind the owners of the bowling alley, showing unwavering support in their decision to reopen.

Justin Juray admitted to feeling hesitant about reopening but was encouraged by the overwhelming support from the Lewiston community. The bowling alley paid tribute to the victims of the shooting by displaying photos of those who lost their lives and by naming bowling pins after the 18 shooting victims behind the front desk.

During the reopening ceremony, emotions ran high as patrons, including those who were present on the night of the shooting, joined together to celebrate the resilience and strength of the community. Tom Giberti, a heroic employee who saved the lives of at least four children during the shooting, was also present.

The Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America contributed to the venue’s reopening by providing a new scoring system, automatic bumpers, and gutters. Additionally, an expert in fixing bowling machines spent a week at the site to ensure everything was in working order.

Mayor Carl Sheline of Lewiston expressed his pride in the community for standing back up and moving forward despite the tragedy that occurred. The reopening of the bowling alley symbolized a sense of hope and resilience for the people of Lewiston, demonstrating that the community can never be kept down in the face of adversity.

As the community continues to heal and move forward, the reopening of the bowling alley serves as a beacon of hope and a testament to the strength and unity of the people of Lewiston, Maine.