Trump Attempts to Rewrite History, Biden Exposes Capitol Riot Truth

Washington, D.C. – President Joe Biden took a firm stance against Donald Trump’s false claims regarding the 2020 election, highlighting that the only one attempting to steal the election was Trump himself during the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. In recent attempts to rewrite history, Trump has labeled his supporters … Read more

Gunman with Extensive Criminal History Accused of Killing Man in Nashville Coffee Shop Incident on Easter Sunday

Nashville, Tennessee – A deadly shooting at a coffee shop on Easter Sunday has left residents in shock, as the suspect, Anton Rucker, remains on the run. The Metro Nashville Police have identified Rucker as the gunman responsible for the tragic incident that claimed the life of 33-year-old Allen Beachem. Rucker, who is now on … Read more

Sucker-Punch Suspect with History of Violence and Mental Illness Strikes Again in NYC Street Attack

Brooklyn, New York – A man with a history of mental illness and a rap sheet of sucker-punch assaults has been arrested after allegedly breaking the jaw and knocking out several teeth of a woman in a daylight attack in Crown Heights. The suspect, Franz Jeudy, 33, was accused of assaulting Dulche Pichardo, a 57-year-old … Read more

Diamondbacks Make History with Franchise Record-Breaking Inning

Phoenix, Arizona – The Arizona Diamondbacks kicked off their new season in a remarkable fashion on Thursday night, breaking multiple franchise records in just three innings of play. In the bottom of the third inning, the Diamondbacks made history by sending 18 batters to the plate, recording 13 hits, and scoring an impressive 14 runs. … Read more

Shocking TV Character Deaths: A Look at the Most Memorable Moments in Television History

Los Angeles, California – Television shows rely on their memorable moments to captivate audiences, boost ratings, and spark conversations across social media platforms. Season finales often leave viewers on the edge of their seats with major cliffhangers, creating anticipation for the next season. From weddings and births to unexpected deaths, these common tropes are carefully … Read more

Mass Stabbing Tragedy Unfolds in Ottawa: Knife Used in Worst Mass Killing in City’s History

Ottawa, Canada – Ottawa police are currently investigating a tragic incident that has shaken the city. The most severe mass killing in Ottawa’s history took place, leaving a mother, her four children, and a family acquaintance dead in their family home on Berrigan Drive in Barrhaven. The suspect, a 19-year-old international student residing with the … Read more

Haunted Cecil Hotel Hits Market for Sale Amid Dark History

Los Angeles, California – The Cecil Hotel, a 15-story building located at 640 South Main St. in downtown Los Angeles, has a notorious reputation for its dark past filled with mysterious deaths and eerie occurrences. Now, the property has been put up for sale, attracting significant attention in the real estate market. The hotel, known … Read more

Mass Killing in Barrhaven Marks Deadliest Event in Modern Ottawa History

Ottawa, Canada – The recent mass killing in Barrhaven has shocked the residents of Ottawa, with Police Chief describing it as the deadliest event in the city’s modern history. The tragic incident took the lives of a mother and her four young children, as well as a family acquaintance, with the father of the children … Read more

UCCS Student Suspected of Double Murder Had History of Disputes with Victim

Colorado Springs, Colorado – A University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) student is facing charges of first-degree murder after allegedly killing two people in a dorm room. Nicholas Jordan, the suspect, appeared before a judge on Friday in connection with the deaths of Samuel Knopp and Celie Rain Montgomery. According to arrest papers released, there … Read more

Maine Gunman Warned Police of Being “Capable” Months Before Deadliest Mass Shooting in State’s History

LEWISTON, Maine – Three months before carrying out a mass shooting that left 18 people dead in Lewiston, Maine, Robert Card, an Army reservist, made cryptic remarks to police during a welfare check. Body cam footage revealed that Card told police he was “capable” of doing “something” during the welfare check, which occurred as New … Read more