Haunted Cecil Hotel Hits Market for Sale Amid Dark History

Los Angeles, California – The Cecil Hotel, a 15-story building located at 640 South Main St. in downtown Los Angeles, has a notorious reputation for its dark past filled with mysterious deaths and eerie occurrences. Now, the property has been put up for sale, attracting significant attention in the real estate market. The hotel, known … Read more

Marketplace Responsibility: Online Stores Pressed to Take Action on Sale of Unsafe Heaters

London, UK – Consumer group Which? has called for online marketplaces to take more legal responsibility for the safety of the products sold on their platforms, following the discovery of unsafe electric heaters being sold on TikTok and Temu. Which? purchased and tested eight heaters, costing as little as £7.20, from TikTok Shop and Temu, … Read more

New Year Sale: Get Standard Digital Access for Only $9 for 1 Year

DENVER, Colorado – The Denver Post is offering a special New Year Sale on its Standard Digital Access subscription. For just $9, readers can get one year of access to comprehensive news coverage, including local, national, and global stories. This limited-time offer provides an affordable way for readers to stay informed and connected to the … Read more

Ten Bells Pub, Spitalfields: Located near the Jack the Ripper Murder Scenes, Put Up for Sale Due to Bankruptcy

London, England – The Grade II listed Ten Bells pub in Spitalfields, London has been put up for sale after its owners faced financial difficulties, marking the end of an era for the infamous establishment. Believed to be the pub where Jack the Ripper’s victims Annie Chapman and Mary Jane Kelly drank before being killed … Read more

Unsolved Crimes: Get 75% off Testimony Newsletter Subscription During January Sale

LONDON, UK – True crime enthusiasts can now delve into some of the UK’s most intriguing unsolved cases with the Testimony newsletter. This weekly publication uncovers the mysteries behind chilling crimes that have left investigators and families baffled. From disappearances to murders, Testimony provides a comprehensive look into these unresolved cases. Previous editions of Testimony … Read more