Government Oversight of Child in Fatal Abuse Case in Question: What’s the Truth Surrounding State Involvement?

Wahiawa, Hawaii – The tragic and horrifying case of 10-year-old Geanna Bradley, who was found dead in her Wahiawa home, has shaken the community. Honolulu police have arrested her legal guardians, Thomas and Brandy Blas, along with Brandy Blas’ mother, on charges of second-degree murder, kidnapping, and unlawful imprisonment. This chilling case raises questions about … Read more

Somalia Government in Crisis After Attack on General Gordon Military Base Reveals Security Flaws and Al-Shabaab Infiltration

MOGADISHU, Somalia – The recent attack on the General Gordon military base has exposed serious security and recruitment flaws within Somalia’s armed forces, raising concerns over the effectiveness of foreign trainers assisting in the country’s military rebuilding efforts. The breach resulted in the death of three soldiers from the United Arab Emirates and one from … Read more

Ekiti Government Denies Allegations of Deadly Attacks by Unknown Gunmen; Calls for Stronger Security Measures

Ado Ekiti, Nigeria – The Ekiti State Government has refuted claims of ongoing attacks on residents by unknown gunmen and the subsequent loss of multiple lives. The denial follows the recent suspected bandit attack on three traditional rulers, resulting in the death of two of them. A viral video circulated after the attack, suggesting that … Read more

Explosion in Government Residential Area of Bodija in Ibadan Leaves at Least Two Dead and Property Worth Millions Destroyed

IBADAN, NIGERIA – A tragic explosion in the government residential area of Bodija in Ibadan, Nigeria, has resulted in at least two reported deaths with fears of more casualties. Eyewitnesses described the explosion as sending shock waves across the ancient city, causing widespread destruction of property worth millions of dollars. Unconfirmed reports suggest that dangerous … Read more

Assam CM Sarma Condemns TMC Government Over Attack on Monks: Calls for Action

Kolkata, West Bengal: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma criticized the Trinamool Congress-led government in West Bengal for the recent attack on monks and priests in the state, calling it a manifestation of the politically-violent environment. Speaking in Kolkata, Sarma demanded strict action against the culprits and expressed his lack of surprise at the incident. … Read more

Adelaide Man Performing Nazi Salute After Violent Assault Spurs SA Government to Ban Nazi Symbols

Adelaide, Australia – A man who was convicted of a violent assault in the central business district last year caused outrage when he performed a Nazi salute after leaving court. Kane Brennand-Reynolds, who pleaded guilty to assault causing harm, was involved in an altercation in May 2023. The court proceedings did not delve into his … Read more

Hundreds of Indigenous People in Bangladesh Rally for Justice After Murder of Catholic Government Officer

Gobindaganj, Bangladesh – In a display of unity and determination, hundreds of indigenous people in Bangladesh came together to demand justice for a murdered Catholic government officer. The protesters gathered in Gobindaganj in Bangladesh’s northern Gaibandha district, accusing a local lawmaker of involvement in the death of Ovidio Mardy, an acting assistant land commissioner, who … Read more

Nova Scotia Constituency Assistant Calls for Government Funding to Improve Safety at Legislators’ Offices

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia — A Nova Scotia constituency assistant is advocating for government funding of a second employee in legislators’ offices to address the aggression that front-line workers face at politicians’ workplaces. Kelly Gomes, who experienced a violent attack at work, recounted an incident on Dec. 14 where a man held her by the throat … Read more

Youth Congress president arrest sparks intensified criticism against Kerala government

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, India – The arrest of Kerala Youth Congress president Rahul Mamkootathil in connection with a recent violent protest has sparked tension in the capital city, leading to allegations against the CPI(M)-led government by the grand old party. The Congress has intensified its criticism, claiming that the arrest was a “political decision” taken by Chief … Read more

Democratic Dark-Money Group Funding Palestinian Terrorism

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, has urged the Senate Judiciary Committee to launch an investigation into a Democratic Party-affiliated organization reportedly linked to funding Palestinian terrorism. Hawley’s call comes amidst ongoing tensions surrounding the committee’s discussions on subpoenaing individuals tied to financial support for Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas … Read more