Slovakia Journalists Face Safety Concerns After PM Assassination Attempt

Bratislava, Slovakia – The recent assassination attempt on Prime Minister Robert Fico has sparked growing fears for the safety of journalists in Slovakia. The incident, which took place as Fico greeted members of the public after a government meeting, has been linked by some politicians to critical coverage of the prime minister by local independent … Read more

Attackers Unmasked: UCLA Protest Violence Exposed by Researchers and Journalists

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – In the aftermath of a violent clash between counter-protesters and pro-Palestinian demonstrators at the University of California, Los Angeles, investigators are beginning to uncover the identities of the attackers. The university has vowed to pursue appropriate action in response to the incident. Meanwhile, in a separate incident, a white supremacist has … Read more

City Desk Journalists Uncover Urban News Stories Across India

Mumbai, India – The bustling city of Mumbai, known as the financial capital of India, is home to a dedicated team of journalists at the TOI City Desk. This team is committed to providing readers with the latest news and updates on urban life, governance, culture, and local issues happening in cities across the nation. … Read more

Journalists Facing Rising Violence and Intimidation Over Climate Crisis, Unesco Report Finds

New York City, USA – World press freedom is under threat as new research reveals a disturbing trend of violence and intimidation against environmental journalists. According to a recent UNESCO report, more than 70% of environmental reporters have been targeted for their work since 2009, highlighting the dangers faced by those covering the climate crisis. … Read more

Attack on Journalist Sabbir Ahmed Condemned by Bangladesh Journalists Group

New Delhi: The Bangladesh Journalists in International Media (BJIM) issued a statement strongly denouncing the brutal attack on journalist Sabbir Ahmed and urging for enhanced safety measures for journalists in Bangladesh. Sabbir, a correspondent for Shomoyer Alo, was violently assaulted with iron rods and hockey sticks by a group suspected to be affiliated with the … Read more

Israel Accused of Targeting Palestinian Journalists in Deadly Gaza Conflict

Gaza City, Gaza Strip – Wael Dahdouh, a journalist for Al Jazeera, has endured unimaginable personal loss and tragedy while reporting on the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The relentless Israeli bombing in Gaza has resulted in the deaths of Dahdouh’s family members and colleagues, causing immense suffering. In October, Dahdouh’s wife, seven-year-old daughter, 15-year-old son, … Read more