Violent Attack on Teacher Condemned by Jamaica Teachers’ Association as Parents Urged to Model Positive Behavior

Clarendon, Jamaica – The recent violent attack on a teacher at Vere Technical High School in Clarendon has sparked widespread condemnation from both the Jamaica Teachers’ Association and the Ministry of Education. The female teacher sustained injuries in a physical confrontation with relatives of a male student, leading to outrage among educators. In response to … Read more

Violent Attack on Fulani Community Sparks Outrage: NDC Hooligans Condemned

Accra, Ghana – The Fulani community in Ghana recently faced a violent attack by individuals associated with the NDC party. This condemnable incident has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the safety and security of minority groups in the country. The attack on the Fulani community, known for their nomadic lifestyle and cattle herding, has … Read more

Violent Attack on UCLA Protesters by Beverly Hills Student Condemned by CAIR-LA

Beverly Hills, California – CAIR-LA has expressed condemnation for the lack of response from the Beverly Hills Unified School District regarding a student’s violent attack on UCLA protesters. The Council on American-Islamic Relations calls for accountability and action from the educational institution in addressing the serious incident. The silence from the school district has raised … Read more

Violence Against UCLA Anti-Genocide Student Condemned by CAIR-LA

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Council on American-Islamic Relations in Los Angeles has expressed strong condemnation towards Assemblymember Zbur’s reaction to the recent acts of violence against a UCLA student advocating against genocide. The organization criticized Assemblymember Zbur for what they perceive as a lackluster response to the serious issue of violence against students on … Read more

Kidnapper Sentenced to 30 Years for Attempting to Abduct Nancy Pelosi – Justice Served as Violent Attack on Speaker Emerita’s Family Condemned

Washington, D.C. – In a harrowing incident, David DePape, 44, from Richmond, California, was sentenced to 30 years in prison and five years of supervised release for his role in an attempted kidnapping and assault case involving Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi and her husband, Paul Pelosi. DePape’s actions, fueled by misguided ideology, targeted Pelosi due … Read more

Uber Eats Driver Condemned for Attack on Elderly Couple in Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii – Following a disturbing attack that left two elderly individuals injured, Uber Eats has taken action against one of its delivery drivers allegedly involved in the incident. The company released a statement condemning violence on its platform, emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior. Last Friday, a 72-year-old woman suffered serious head injuries, … Read more

Attack on Journalist Sabbir Ahmed Condemned by Bangladesh Journalists Group

New Delhi: The Bangladesh Journalists in International Media (BJIM) issued a statement strongly denouncing the brutal attack on journalist Sabbir Ahmed and urging for enhanced safety measures for journalists in Bangladesh. Sabbir, a correspondent for Shomoyer Alo, was violently assaulted with iron rods and hockey sticks by a group suspected to be affiliated with the … Read more

Violent Attack Filmed in Paceville Condemned by Home Affairs Ministry

VALLETTA, Malta – The Home Affairs Ministry has expressed strong condemnation of a violent attack captured on camera in Paceville earlier this week. The ministry emphasized that holding a license to work as a security guard does not grant permission to engage in acts of violence. The statement from the ministry comes in response to … Read more

Scandalous: Vanderpump Rules Star Tom Sandoval Condemned for Posing with Captive Tiger by Co-Stars

LOS ANGELES – “Vanderpump Rules” cast members Lala Kent and James Kennedy have called out their co-star Tom Sandoval for posting photos and videos of himself posing with a captive tiger during a vacation in Thailand. Kent expressed her disappointment on Instagram, calling the experience “heartbreaking” and “animal abuse.” She urged her followers not to … Read more