Civil Rights Group Urges UC President to Investigate Pro-Israel Mob Attack and Address Violations in Probe

Los Angeles, CA – The Council on American-Islamic Relations in Los Angeles has urged the University of California President to conduct a thorough investigation into a recent incident involving a mob attack on pro-Israel students. The organization is pushing for the investigation to address potential civil rights violations and ensure the safety of all students … Read more

EMP Threat Addressed by Alabama Group in Preventive Meeting

Enterprise, Alabama – A little-known threat lurks in the shadows, one that could potentially wreak havoc on society as we know it. The concept of an Electromagnetic Pulse Explosion (EMP) remains unfamiliar to many Alabamians, with its implications and consequences shrouded in mystery. South Alabama Liberty, based in Enterprise, has taken the initiative to educate … Read more

Custody Battle Leads to Alleged Murder-Kidnapping Scheme Involving Oklahoma Anti-Government Group

Liberal, Kansas – Newly released court documents shed light on the chilling details surrounding the disappearance and murder of two Kansas women. Prosecutors revealed the motive and evidence linking the alleged murder-kidnapping to four suspects in custody. The affidavit of probable cause, released on Monday, provides insight into the arrests of Tad Bert Cullum, 43; … Read more

Gunmen Attack Group in Ecuador’s Guayaquil, Killing Eight and Injuring Eight

Guayaquil, Ecuador – A recent tragic incident in Guayaquil, Ecuador has left the community in shock. The Interior Ministry reported that armed gunmen carried out an attack, resulting in the deaths of eight individuals and injuries to eight others. This act of violence is just one in a series of troubling events in the country. … Read more

Bolder and More Violent: ISIS-K Group Tied to Moscow Attack Grows in Strength and Aggression

Kabul, Afghanistan – The Islamic State group in Afghanistan, known as ISIS-K, has been identified as responsible for a recent attack in Moscow, showcasing their increased boldness and violence. This group has been growing in strength and audacity in recent years, posing a significant threat to security in the region. The attack in Moscow has … Read more

Attack on Journalist Sabbir Ahmed Condemned by Bangladesh Journalists Group

New Delhi: The Bangladesh Journalists in International Media (BJIM) issued a statement strongly denouncing the brutal attack on journalist Sabbir Ahmed and urging for enhanced safety measures for journalists in Bangladesh. Sabbir, a correspondent for Shomoyer Alo, was violently assaulted with iron rods and hockey sticks by a group suspected to be affiliated with the … Read more

Teenager Stabbed in Brutal Times Square Attack by Group of 20+ People

New York City, NY – A horrifying video has surfaced depicting a brutal attack on a 17-year-old teenager in Times Square on Thursday night. The victim, who had been visiting the popular tourist destination with friends, was subjected to a vicious assault by nearly two dozen individuals, resulting in him being stabbed and hospitalized. According … Read more

Systematic Sexual Violence Uncovered in Israeli Rape-Crisis Group Report

TEL AVIV, Israel – A recent report by an Israeli rape-crisis group has uncovered a disturbing pattern of sexual violence in the country. The report, released on October 7, reveals the systemic nature of sexual violence in Israel both during and after the reported incidents. The findings of the report shed light on the pervasive … Read more

Investigation Underway at Naja Isabelle Group Home After Deaths of Young Residents in Nunavut

CHESTERFIELD INLET, Nunavut – Multiple investigations are currently underway at the Naja Isabelle group home after two young residents tragically died in hospital. The Nunavut Minister of Family Services, Margaret Nakashuk, disclosed that three people were hospitalized due to “critical incidents” at the care home, resulting in two deaths. The RCMP and the Nunavut Coroner’s … Read more