Visitation Rights Battle Rages On After Murder in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Fla. – A family torn apart by a brutal murder is now facing a battleground for visitation rights. The parents of Jared Bridegan, a father of four who was killed in an ambush murder in Jacksonville Beach two years ago, are seeking visitation rights with Bridegan’s two older children. The children’s mother, Shanna Gardner, … Read more

Goa Police Probe: Venkat Raman Accuses Suchana Seth of Denying Him Visitation Rights

CALANGUTE, India – Venkat Raman arrived at the Calangute police station in the afternoon from Bengaluru to provide his statement as part of an ongoing investigation. He is the estranged husband of Suchana Seth, the CEO accused of killing her four-year-old child. Raman informed the Goa police that Seth had not allowed him to meet … Read more

Brookhaven Man Charged with Slitting the Throat of Adopted Dog Denali Captures Animal Rights Activist Outcry

MEDIA COURTHOUSE, Pa. (AP) — A man from Brookhaven, Pennsylvania is facing charges of aggravated cruelty to animals after being accused of killing a shelter dog named Denali. David A. Saxton, 62, is held for court on two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals following a preliminary hearing. The case has gained public attention, prompting … Read more

Fort Worth Hotel Explosion: Victims’ Rights and Legal Options Explained by Gas Explosion Legal Experts

Fort Worth, Texas – A gas explosion at the Sandman Signature Hotel resulted in 21 reported injuries, leaving one victim in critical condition and six in semi-critical condition. While the cause of the explosion remains undetermined, the blast caused significant damage to the historic hotel and scattered debris throughout downtown streets. The incident serves as … Read more

European Leaders Must Urgently Reverse Course on Tunisia Migration Deal and Human Rights Violations

BRUSSELS, Belgium – European leaders faced criticism after striking a deal with Tunisia to curb migration to Europe in exchange for financial support amid the country’s economic crisis. Reports surfaced of hundreds of refugees and migrants being stranded in Tunisia’s desert border areas with Libya, with some experiencing extreme hardship due to a lack of … Read more

Norway Serial Killer, Breivik, Seeks End to Isolation in Prison, Citing Human Rights Violations

OSLO, NORWAY: Anders Behring Breivik, the far-right fanatic responsible for the 2011 bombing and shooting rampage in Norway that claimed 77 lives, is set to argue in court for an end to his isolation in prison, claiming it violates his human rights. Breivik, who also filed a lawsuit against the state seeking to lift restrictions … Read more

Animal Rights Activists Demand Stricter Punishments for Perpetrators of the 68/853 Animal Cruelty Cases in 2023

VALLETTA, Malta- In 2023, a total of 853 reports of animal cruelty were filed, yet legal action was taken in only 68 of those cases, either in the form of an administrative fine or criminal action. During a recent TV program, parliamentary secretary for animal rights Alicia Bugeja Said discussed a poignant case of animal … Read more

Animal Rights Activists Influence Legislative Changes to Benefit Animals Compassionating Society

RICHMOND, Va. – Animal rights activists in Virginia have been instrumental in promoting legislative changes to protect the welfare and ethical treatment of animals. Their unwavering dedication and advocacy efforts have led to significant impact, raising public awareness on animal rights issues and influencing policymakers. In an effort to raise public awareness, activists engage in … Read more

Photography: The Dilemmas of Depicting Mass Shootings and Law concerning Privacy Rights for Victims of Mass Violence

JEFFERSON COUNTY, CO: Following the tragedy at Columbine High School in 1999, the debate over whether to release graphic autopsies under the public records law drew attention to the public’s right to know versus the victims’ privacy rights. The Colorado judge’s decision to keep these reports hidden, citing the unprecedented nature of the event, showed … Read more

Cyprus Anti-Racist NGO KISA Attacked with Explosive Device, Raises Concerns for Human Rights Defenders

NICOSIA, Cyprus – A prominent anti-racist NGO in Nicosia, Cyprus, came under attack when an improvised explosive device severely damaged the organization’s premises. The NGO, known as KISA (Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism), has been targeted due to its work supporting refugees and migrants, as well as denouncing hate crimes. Amnesty International’s Cyprus Researcher, Kondylia … Read more