Goa Police Probe: Venkat Raman Accuses Suchana Seth of Denying Him Visitation Rights

CALANGUTE, India – Venkat Raman arrived at the Calangute police station in the afternoon from Bengaluru to provide his statement as part of an ongoing investigation. He is the estranged husband of Suchana Seth, the CEO accused of killing her four-year-old child. Raman informed the Goa police that Seth had not allowed him to meet … Read more

Suchana Seth: New Clues Revealed in Murder of 4-Year-Old Son

Bengaluru, India – The arrest of Suchana Seth, CEO of The Mindful AI Lab in Bengaluru, for the alleged murder of her four-year-old son has shocked the nation. New details are emerging in the case, shedding light on the possible motives behind this tragic incident. Goa Police have discovered a crumpled note within the suitcase … Read more