Explosion at Czech Military Training Area Kills One Service Member and Injures Eight Others

Prague, Czech Republic – A tragic ammunition explosion in a military training area has resulted in the death of one service member and the injury of eight others, including a civilian, according to the Defense Ministry’s announcement on Monday. The incident occurred in Libava, located approximately 250 kilometers (155 miles) to the east of Prague, … Read more

Explosions Rock Occupied Crimea, Military Facility Possibly Hit

In Crimea, explosions shattered the night on June 10, unsettling residents in several districts including Dzhankoi, Yevpatoriia, Chornomorske, Rozdolne, and Saky. The blasts, spanning from Krasnoperekopsk to Pervomaiske village, were distinctly heard but information on any potential targets remains scarce. Reports from the ‘Crimean Wind’ Telegram channel revealed that four powerful explosions reverberated through Yevpatoriia … Read more

Explosion in Odesa After Ukrainian Military Warns of High-Speed Target

An explosion rocked the city of Odesa in Ukraine on the afternoon of 2 June as the Ukrainian military responded to reports of a high-speed target approaching the city. The incident prompted urgent warnings and calls for residents to seek shelter. According to Ukraine’s Armed Forces, a high-speed projectile was en route to Odesa, leading … Read more

Rocket Explodes in Mid-Air Over North Korea: South Korean Military Surveillance Captures Dramatic Moment

SEOUL, South Korea – In a recent development, the South Korean military has shared a video capturing the moment a North Korean rocket disintegrated in mid-air following its launch. The footage was recorded by a military patrol ship stationed in the country’s northwestern island region, as confirmed by the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff. … Read more

Russian Military Shell Sumy Border Communities 44 Times Without Injuries Reported

In Sumy, Ukraine, the Russian military engaged in shelling operations targeting border communities within the Sumy oblast, launching attacks a total of 44 times throughout the day. Fortunately, initial reports suggest that there were no casualties resulting from these assaults. According to information shared by the Sumy Regional Military Administration on social media, the targeted … Read more

Ukrainian Drones Strike Russian Military Bases as Zelensky Halts Offensive Advances

Kharkiv, Ukraine – Recent reports have indicated that Ukrainian military drones have targeted military facilities in both Russia and Crimea. These drone attacks come amidst Russian claims of successfully intercepting over 100 Ukrainian drones. The situation escalated on May 17th as Ukrainian President Zelensky acknowledged Russia’s offensive in Kharkiv Oblast, which had advanced up to … Read more

Explosion at St Petersburg Military Academy Injures Seven: Old Munition Blamed

St. Petersburg, Russia – An explosion shook the Budyonny Military Academy of the Signal Corps in St Petersburg, Russia, causing alarm and injuries. The academy falls under the Russian Ministry of Defence’s jurisdiction, and reports indicate that the blast resulted from an old munition detonation. Initial findings suggest that a World War II-era munition exploded … Read more

Explosion at Cambodian Military Base Caused by “Technical Issue” with Ammunition: Defense Ministry

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia – A tragic explosion at a military base in southwestern Cambodia resulting in the deaths of 20 soldiers and injuries to numerous others has been determined by the Defense Ministry to be the result of a “technical issue” linked to the handling of outdated and degraded ammunition during a transfer process. The … Read more

Explosion at Cambodian Military Base Causes Chaos and Destruction

Chbar Mon district, Kompong Speu province – A recent explosion at an army base in Cambodia has left several buildings badly damaged and caused concern in the local community. The blast, which occurred in the Chbar Mon district of the Kompong Speu province, resulted in the destruction of four buildings and damage to military vehicles, … Read more

Explosion at Cambodian Military Base Kills 20 Soldiers, Devastates Surrounding Area

Kampong Speu, Cambodia – A devastating chain reaction explosion at a military base in southwestern Cambodia has left 20 soldiers dead and several others wounded, as reported by Prime Minister Hun Manet. The explosion, which occurred on a Saturday afternoon, resulted in significant damage to nearby homes, with reports of windows breaking and tiles falling … Read more